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Russian MP calls for sanctions against Soros, Nuland and Biden

It is not particularly surprising that a member of the Russian State Duma from the United Russia party Andrey Kozenko has called for the Russian Federation to sanction George Soros, Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland. What is interesting, though, is that it hasn’t happened long ago.

Just yesterday, as part of Obama’s concerted attempt to sabotage Trump’s foreign policy shift towards cordial US-Russian relations and away from hostility and brinkmanship, Obama’s Treasury Department added Duma members from Crimea to a list of individuals sanctioned by the US.

This pathetic move is not about changing the balance of geopolitical realities, it is all about Obama trying to prove a point. For the next month and a half Barack Obama is still technically the president. We get it, we’re not as stupid as you think we are.  Let’s just hope time flies.

There is no need to enact more frivolous pieces of legislation in an attempt to retard the peace process that Donald Trump is set to begin once he takes office. But Obama wants to leave office in a spirit of vengeance not magnanimity.

Kozenko is correct to target Soros, Nuland and Biden. Nuland was out with the fascists in Maidan encouraging their violent behaviour whilst behind the scenes, she plotted the overthrow of the legitimate government in Kiev.

Soros has his filthy finger prints on revolutionary movements throughout the world. He has twice tried to destroy the fragile settlement in Ukraine. First with the Orange revolution in 2004 and more recently with the fascist coup in 2014.

Joe Biden has a close personal relationship with many of the fascist leaders in Kiev and his son Hunter Biden leads the private Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, the largest private energy firm in the country.

These people have not only destroyed the social cohesion, economy and living standards of Ukraine. They have put a fascist regime in place which continues to wage a war against the people of Donbass. In this war, nothing is off limits, not torture, rape nor the murder of civilians.

Not only ought this wicked triumvirate to be sanctioned, they ought to be prosecuted in an international criminal court. The least the Duma can do for now is to sanction them with immediate effect.

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