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Russian Foreign Ministry says White Helmets cannot be trusted. Their info is fake news

Russian Foreign Ministry says White Helmets cannot be trusted. Their info is fake news

On the first day of what will almost certainly be useless peace talks in Brussels, the United States, Britain and France have proposed a UN resolution condemning a chemical attack in Syria. The resolution is based on the fake news reports which were debunked in The Duran, shortly after Reuters ran the deceptive story.

Just now, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a group which has few actual contacts in Syria, along with the White Helmets, an al-Qaeda propaganda group whose methods have been widely exposed, are not to be considered reliable sources of information.

Zakharova described what actually happened yesterday in Syria,

“On April 4, the Syrian Air Force aircraft carried out airstrikes on the extremists’ positions on the eastern outskirts of Khan Shaykhun as part of the liquidation of consequences of the recent breakthrough of terrorists in the Hama province. Military equipment and ammunition depots were targets (of the strikes). Workshops producing landmines filled with poisonous substances were located on the territory of the facility”.

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These clear facts ¬†correspond to the realities of Syria’s lack of chemical weapons which even the US acknowledged after an extensive joint effort with Russia.

The only mystery is whether the sponsors of the ridiculous UN resolution believe the fake news reports or if they are in on the fakery?

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