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Russian Federation shows SANITY by refusing Vaxx Mandates [Video]

This, tied to the fact that the US is not accepting Russian vaccines as valid, further isolates both nations.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The United States continues to display, by far, the worst levels of COVID-19 insanity anywhere on earth. The recent decisions made by the increasingly hapless puppet in the White House, Joe “the Imposter” Biden, have angered the citizens of that nation, while simultaneously drawing a mixture of horror and scorn from much of the rest of the world. Only Australia and Canada, the two nations most like the United States – large, English-speaking and Western – are showing greater levels of insanity, but the relatively small populations of both these nations places the US all the more squarely in the spotlight.

This story comes from Russia and is a translation of recent events. The country is undergoing a fourth “wave” of COVID-19 cases, one which will probably surpass July’s peak, but which, so far, has triggered no lockdowns or vaccine mandates in the country.

At least, not yet.

However, one person proposed fining Russian citizens who refuse the jab about 5,000 rubles (a distinct hit to a great many Russians’ salaries), saying that the treatment for COVID generally costs the state about 200,000 rubles. This, goes the reasoning, would help spur vaccinations, while covering the costs incurred upon the Russian Federation, which largely provides medical care for many – even most – of its people at or nearly free of charge.

The proposal met with very logical disapproval. At this point we go to the translated piece. (Any and all translation errors are my own.) This piece comes from the Russian site OCN:

Sold conscience: The League for the Defense of Doctors 

condemns proposal to fine the unvaccinated

October 11, 2021, 12:24 pm – Public News Service – OSN

Monthly fines for the unvaccinated are illegal and inhuman. Especially considering the fact that no COVID-19 vaccine has been tested. And the proposal to fine people for refusing to experiment is a shame. This opinion was expressed to the Public News Service by the head of the League for the Protection of Doctors, Semyon Halperin.

Another member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, virologist Alexander Lukashev, proposed introducing a monthly fine for Russians who evade vaccination against coronavirus. [In his thinking], this measure would reduce the financial burden on the health care system. The specialist compared the refusal of vaccination against COVID-19 with bad habits for which it is customary in society to pay a fee. He noted that the treatment of one infected patient costs about 200 thousand rubles. And the optimal amount of the fine in this situation should be five thousand rubles.

However, doctors, who bear the brunt of the pandemic, disagree with this proposal. The head of the League for the Protection of Doctors, Semyon Halperin, considers any coercive measures in this matter unacceptable. The doctor himself was one of the first to vaccinate against COVID-19, but considers it wrong to put forced experiments on Russians.

“To date, there is not a single coronavirus vaccine for which the final results of Phase 3 clinical trials have been published. Vaccination against covid is now officially a clinical trial (phase 3 and 4 combined). Forcing people to participate in clinical research is a crime against humanity. And such statements by chain experts are a shame for a scientist and a doctor who sold conscience for a handful of coins from dealers in quack pseudovaccines, ”said Semyon Halperin.

Earlier, the head of the League discussed the danger of introducing payments to doctors for patients vaccinated against COVID-19. Such a system will lead to the disappearance of medical treatment as a phenomenon, he said.

Like many Russian newspieces, this one is quite short and to the point. The claim that is of extreme importance is that none of the vaccines are completely through clinical trials. Checking this claim against the FDA’s recent full approval of the Pfizer vaccine in the US would seem to indicate that the US has at least one vaccine that has passed all tests, and is qualified as “safe to use.”

However, for many Americans, this “approval” does not feel trustworthy, and this cloud of confusion is exacerbated by several factors:

  1. Biden Mandates, which are themselves illegal or at least highly questionable: The evil grandpa in the White House shows no respect for the free will of the American citizen, and in so imposing his own will about something as personal as medical “care”, he has incited extremely deep distrust and hostility, and for many of us, far more resistance to the vaccine itself. He is driving people away from it by his tyrannical streak of behavior.
  2. The continuing incidence of death following vaccination. A recent run on the Centers of Disease Control’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database under the search headers “Covid-19 Vaccine, Death, VAERS ID (a case number)” gave this result:

Result of running “Covid-19 vaccines, death, 2020-2021 date of death, 2021 date of vaccination”

I was unable to view this unless I separated searches into groupings by age, sex and so on. My final report numbered more than 8,000 deaths in association with receiving vaccines, and this number may be low, considering that my broader search reports almost 20,000 deaths.

3. The fact that now in countries with high rates of vaccination, such as Israel, COVID continues to infect people; it continues to put them in hospitals and it continues to kill them. Now, though, the majority of these patients with COVID are fully vaccinated. So, why are vaccinated people getting COVID? Isn’t the point of the vaccine to prevent someone from getting sick? That is how it works with Measles, Rubella, Polio, Smallpox and every other disease we have vaccines for.

In light of these aforementioned facts, then the FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine looks increasingly suspect to being politically motivated, and financially motivated, as Pfizer can “clean up” with all kinds of money made from distrubuting their concoction to people everywhere, whether they want it or not.

But wait, folks, there is more!

In what would seem to be an unrelated piece, The Imposter put a new “policy” in place starting in November: All incoming international air travelers to the United States are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID. Basically, you need to show a vaccination passport along with your national passport to enter the country.

(Of course, this does not apply to people crossing the US frontier along the Texas – Mexico border, but that matter is for another bit of writing.)

As crazy as the vaccine mandates are, though, it would make sense if it were simply a matter of the person receiving a vaccine that is demonstrated to work against COVID-19. Every vaccine in existence around the world is indeed made with this intention. While the efficacy of COVID jabs is debatable as we showed before, let’s assume they are effective, just for fun.

So, why then are Chinese vaccine-jabbed people allowed to enter the USA, but not those vaxxed with Sputnik V, KoviVac or EpiVacCorona, the Russian vaccines?

That is right: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and “Made in China”, but that is all. Russia only was the first country anywhere in the world to register a COVID-19 vaccine.

The linked article above states this claim very clearly, as we excerpt from it:

The new U.S. plan requires that most noncitizens seeking entry to the United States are vaccinated with shots approved for emergency use either by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization. That includes vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna, as well as shots developed by Chinese firms such as Sinopharm and Sinovac.

But Sputnik V, an adenovirus vaccine developed by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, has yet to be approved by the WHO. The global health agency this week said that it suspended its review process of the vaccine, citing concerns over the manufacturing practices at production plants inside Russia and whether the vaccine can be consistently produced to the necessary standard.

Speaking at a conference in Vladivostok this month, RDIF head Kirill Dmitriev said that “mutual recognition of vaccines is the issue of this year” and claimed that a “number of ‘Big Pharma’ companies intentionally, as a matter of competitive rivalry, are attempting to restrict Sputnik and absorb markets,” according to Russian news agency Tass.

This is not about health. It is about politics, and there is a reason Russia is excluded from this whitelist. For Biden, this is a potential problem in large scale, because Russia and China are exchanging all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings diplomatically – they even conduct wargames jointly. But Russia being excluded is just… stupid.

Yes, I know this is a geopolitical magazine and we are supposed to be a lot more intellectually-framed than to call somebody “stupid.”

But in this case, that is all this is. Joe Biden is either being run by stupid people, or by very smart people who just wish to tear everything down.

(One interesting thought: Could the exclusion of Russian vaccines be Biden’t incentive for China to abandon its “bromance” with President Putin? After all, the Chinese really covet Siberia, and Biden really is a proxy of the Chinese power apparatus. Hmm….)

This second idea is of course the more likely. If the old “order / disorder” of the world is torn away, it can be replaced with a new dystopian world, where everybody is confined to their homes, cities or nations, cowed in fear of nothing real but cowed just the same.

That is what we see revealed all around us, and perhaps the reason why Russia is being shut out is because even though we have COVID here and some problems from it, for the most part people are living normally. About the worst interference I see is that the people at McDonald’s and Burger King (yes, we have both!) insist you put on a mask before picking up your food at the take-out counter. For many people, the response to such stupidity is 15 seconds of toleration, and then, off comes the mask. For others, the solution is to shop from home and have goods delivered. On time, mask-free, and this is not very different from how things ran before the pandemic in large cities like Moscow.

In other words, there is largely no effect on our lives at present from COVID-19. The police stopped ticketing us, the mayor gave up on the vaccination drive when people stopped buying things when he tried to lock us down, and no one wants the political burden of presiding over a second large-scale lockdown. With all this, cases are rising, but still are far, far lower than the rampant reports of COVID in the world’s COVID-19 case leader, the good old US of A.

Russian skepticism is not resulting in dead Russians. But US fear and mandates do seem to be resulting in a lot more dead Americans, and a whole lot more angry living ones.

Let’s hope that continues.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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October 13, 2021

“The United States continues to display, by far, the worst levels of COVID-19 insanity anywhere on earth.”

Not quite!

Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand (+Israel) are all worse by a photo-finish.

But note that the Anglo-Zio sphere has gone crazy, collectively and are trying to outdo each other in the international Olympic GULAG and Medical Malpractice games. Coincidence, pandemic mass psychosis, or worse?

Reply to  platon
October 15, 2021

So Germany and Italy aren’t as crazy or what?

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