Russian Art: Viktor Vasnetsov

Your daily snack of Russian cultural heritage.

Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov (1848-1926)

Art Movement: Romanticism, Symbolism
Painting School: Peredvizhniki (Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions), Union of Russian Artists
Genre: history painting, mythological painting
Field: painting
Influenced on: Oleksandr Murashko
Art institution: Imperial Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia

A painter, draftsman and graphic artist, Viktor Vasnetsov played a primary role in the development of Russian art from the realist traditions of the Wanderers to Art Nouveau. He is considered a key figure in the revivalist movement in Russian art.

We have selected for you five famous paintings by the artist.

1. Bogatyrs (1881)

2. A Knight At The Crossroads (1878)

3. Ivan Tsarevich Riding The Grey Wolf (1889)

4. Moving House (1876)

5. Virgin And Child

Have your favorite painting of Vasnetsov or another Russian painter?

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June 20, 2017

The painting “Moving House” gives me goose pimples.
A very russian painting, image of live.
Beautiful painting.

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