32 posters proving that sex was BIG in the USSR

Take a look at the Soviet society where women could dare to seek attention and men could acknowledge their interest. With a sense of humor! :)

Officially, there was no sex in the USSR. At least that is how the West liked to characterize the Soviet attitude.

Soviet posters were government approved messages letting the public know how good Soviet citizens should look and behave. Thus, Soviet women were portrayed as strong workers and mothers, working for the betterment of society side by side to their male counter parts, in dull clothes and no affection towards the opposite sex.

But what if… there was NO government censorship?

Russian artist Valery Barykin proposed another scenario of the USSR, combining the morality boosting Soviet poster with the allure of the American pin-up. With a sense of humor! 🙂

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Absolutely LOVE these! Especially the motorcycle shot.


The Space Rocket!

Terje Engen
Terje Engen

This was never the reality in the former USSR .. I know for sure. Which period of the USSR do these posters refer to?

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