Learn Russian history in 10 paintings

Want to learn Russian history? Don’t read. WATCH.

Ilya Sergeevich Glazunov

Born: 10 June 1930; Leningrad, Soviet Union

Died: 9 July 2017; Moscow, Russian Federation

Nationality: Russian

Art Movement: Realism

Social group: Pamyat

Genre: history painting, religious painting

Field: painting

Art institution: Imperial Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Yesterday, on the 9th of July, the greatest Russian artist of our time, portrait and landscape, creator of monumental historical paintings, book illustrator, Master of Theatre and Decorative Arts, and artist-architect, Ilya Glazunov, died at the age of 87.

In honor of his memory, we have collected 10 of his most monumental works here.

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