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SYRIA: cautious optimism among locals in regions covered by Russia-US-Jordan ceasefire

SYRIA: cautious optimism among locals in regions covered by Russia-US-Jordan ceasefire

Just over 24 hours have passed since the ceasefire agreed and guaranteed by Russia the US and Jordan went into effect in south western Syria. RT spoke with locals in Quneitra Governorate who expressed a cautious optimism about the deal.

One man stated,

“We hope the truce will hold and peace will finally come to the whole of Syria. We here – in Khan Arnabah – are sitting together. It’s been a long time since we sat together like this.

But one cannot trust terrorists – they сan violate the truce every hour and every second”.

A Syrian soldier told RT that they are ready to respond to any terrorist provocations which threaten to disrupt the ceasefire.

Although the details of the ceasefire are still being worked out between officials from Russian, the US and Jordan, it is expected to carry similar provisos to those which were included in May’s Astana Memorandum covering de-escalation zones in other parts of Syria. Such provisions including an exception allowing continued fighting against groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda/al-Nusra as well as Syria’s right to self-defence against any groups or individuals who unlawfully threaten the peace.

Sergey Lavrov has made a statement on continued efforts to formalise the ceasefire, saying,

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“Regarding the perspectives of our cooperation with the Americans, it will continue through the implementation of those deals agreed on the de-escalation zone in Syria’s southwest. The memorandum from June 7… assumes the development of additional details that would secure how this zone would work in practice. And despite the ceasefire coming into force on Sunday at 12:00, this (ceasefire) should be consolidated”.



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