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Russiagate should be called Clintongate

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Oscar Wilde once described the blood-sport of foxhunting as “The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable”. Increasingly, post-2016 election US politics is looking like the unshameable in pursuit of the illogical.

It is difficult to recall a moment in recent or even distant US history when the legitimacy, the results and even the metaphysical consequences of an election cycle have been so debated to death. It is now nearly six months since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States but if an alien creature were to tune into CNN or read the Washington Post or New York Times, it could be forgiven for thinking that the election is still somehow underway.

Apart from consigning one’s self to an apolitical existence, the vicious circle continues. Every time a Democrat, neocon or mainstream media air head comes up with an outlandish statement about the election process or the Trump campaign, those on the side of reason let alone those even moderately on Donald Trump’s side, will feel compelled to respond.


The answer is almost a self-defeating one as it has all ready gone on long enough. The more important questions are: WHO AND WHY?

The answer is Hillary Clinton because she is a threat to peaceful government and to democracy. The Clinton have a lust for power that thoroughly disregards not only democracy but the basic principles of sportsmanship and civilised conduct that long predate the American version of representative democracy.

The Clinton machine is willing to expend every Dollar, every lie and every form of subterfuge in order to get their hands on more money and more power.

For the Clintons it never ends, it is an insatiable greed that appears pathological. No person wants to be poor and most want wealth and comfort, this is perfectly normal. But the Clintons belong to a class of individuals who whom nothing is ever satisfactory, there is never a moment to relax and enjoy the fruits of one’s wealth.

But by plucking the young fruit buds of a tree, one prohibits the opportunity for those buds to ever bloom into a full fruit that could nourish more people and do so in a more nutritious and enjoyable way.

The selfish short term thinking of the Clintons has benefited them personally but has hurt the nation immensely. Beyond the abstract notion of nationhood, the Clintons have damaged the reputation of the mainstream media far more than it even all ready was. They have damaged America’s standing as a strong nation that often gets it wrong in foreign policy to a nation that looks weak, compromised and confused. They have ruined the confidence of ordinary voters in their own votes and have made people feel that the Constitution of the United States is a supremely fallible document ripe for  manipulation and molestation.

In spite of these naked facts looking ordinary Americans straight in the eye, the Clintons have managed to not only escape from mainstream media scrutiny but have been able to paint themselves as victims of an amorphous threat that as early as the 1990s Hillary Clinton called a “vast right wing conspiracy”.

The only conspiracy is how much money the Clintons took from dangerous foreign powers and how many whistle-blowers or ‘men who knew too much’ the Clintons had killed in order to escape scrutiny.

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To put it succinctly, the Clintons behave in exactly the same manner they ascribe to foreign leaders that most Americans know little about. The Clinton attitude brings every stereotype of the archetypal ‘third world tyrannical oligarch’ home to America, a country that by its own relentless admission should be above that.

Recent events have proved otherwise. I long for the day when Russiagate is called by its accurate name: Clintongate. At least then there would be some accuracy ascribed to the vile injustice wrought not only upon the elected President but to the nation as a whole.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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