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RUSSIA: US threats against Syria “unacceptable”

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. MAY 9, 2014. Russian president Vladimir Putin (L) and his spokesman Dmitry Peskov watch the Victory Day military parade in Moscow's Red Square marking the 69th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War., Image: 193186355, License: Rights-managed, Restrictions: 0, Model Release: no, Credit line: Profimedia, TASS

Russia’s Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has delivered Russia’s first official response to American threats to attack Syria under the objectively impossible notion that the Syrian government is planning a chemical attack on Syrians.

Peskov stated,

“We heard about this statement. We do not know what is the basis for this. And of course we categorically disagree with the ‘another attack’ wording”.

He continued,

“We also consider any similar threats to the legitimate leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic unacceptable”.

It remains to be seen if Russia will take military steps to prevent an illegal US military action against Syria.

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