Russia ready to provide humanitarian aid to E. Ukraine. Your move Chocolate King

After a few days of deafening silence from Moscow following the Ukrainian election of Chocolate King Petro Poroshenko, and his immediate victory celebration consisting of rockets and mortar shell fireworks to set East Ukraine ablaze, this comes in from Zerohedge moments ago:

Some were confused by the latest bout of radiosilence emanating from the Kremlin in the aftermath of both the “Chocolate King” winning the Ukraine presidential election, and the most recent escalation of fighting in self-proclaimed as independent Republic of Donetsk, in which more than 50 “separatists” were killed. This ended moments ago when the Russian foreign ministry issued a press release that it has received appeals for humanitarian aid from the “conflict zone” in east Ukraine, and that more importantly, it is is ready to the “provide the population with the required assistance.”

And as the ITAR-TASS News Agency reports and confirms from the Russian Foreign Ministry:

Moscow expects Kiev create conditions for delivering humanitarian aid to the regions, affected by the conflict, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.

“On May 28 the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry informing the authorities in Kiev that citizens and organizations in Eastern Ukraine, where casualties were reported as a result of the armed actions, asked for urgent humanitarian aid, primarily medications,” the ministry says.

Silence broken, Russia makes it move. Good money says that Poroshenko, after consulting with his overlords at the U.S. Sate Department, will deny access of the humanitarian aid to his very own civilian population devastated by over 24 hours of shelling…and that’s when things get serious.

Of course much of this will be silenced by the western MSM, or be spun into an “East Ukraine is a full of terrorists, so they all deserve to die” spin. Either way, once access is denied, Russia has the full moral high ground to provide food, water, supplies and medical aid to the people of the Donbass region, by any means necessary.

As with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria before it, Ukraine plunges further into chaos, thanks to the neocon “exceptionalist ideology” and EU nepotism and greed.

Colin Powell famously warned George W. Bush, in reference to Iraq, “if you break it, you own it.” Perhaps Mr. Powell needs to have a sit down with Obama, Nuland, Merkel and Co., because Humpty Dumpty is in pieces and the bill to put him back together again is something Europeans cannot afford and Americans should not have to pay for.


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May 28, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Russia ready to provide humanitarian aid to E. #Ukraine. Your move Chocolate King

Cees Boogaart
September 13, 2015

Russian “aid” to East-Ukraine already killed 8000+, they be better of without the “aid” from warcriminal Putin Huylo.

Goodbye Big Blue, hello Big Red

Ain’t Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang. Beats, Apple deal set to close