Goodbye Big Blue, hello Big Red

The divide between East and West widens further, this time taking down IBM.

Via Reuters:

China is pressuring its banks to remove high-end servers made by IBM IBM.N and replace them with a local brand, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, as tensions rise between Beijing and Washington over allegations of cyber espionage.

So now that U.S. foreign policy has driven Russia away and towards the East axis, pissing off China is next on the agenda. Of course winners and losers will spring up from the “Victoria Nuland” world order, and right now China tech looks like it will win big, while Big Blue looks set to lose out on the Chinese market. Of course IBM has no clue what the hell is going…

A spokesman for International Business Machines Corp said the U.S. technology company was not aware of any such demands by the Chinese government.

“IBM is not aware of any Chinese government policy recommending against the use of IBM servers within the country’s banking industry,” said IBM spokesman Ian Colley. “IBM is a trusted partner in China and has been for more than 30 years.”

While replacing entrenched technology hardware like IBM’s would not be an easy undertaking, China is nonetheless putting the wheels in motion, realising that decreasing the dependancy on U.S. made hardware prevents back door intelligence gathering from taking place via server communication.

Just a reminder, all of this misfortunate about to hit IBM, was the result of another well thought out Obama idea to have the U.S. Justice Department charge five Chinese military officers with hacking American companies to steal trade secrets.

So in summary, Obama spends trillions to fund the NSA’s global spying efforts, while royally screwing big U.S. enterprises out of lucrative international business contracts.

Foot, Gun, Shoot.


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