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Russia Moves to Gradually Relax Coronavirus Lockdown: Officials

Regions with more severe coronavirus outbreaks will be expected to remain under lockdown.

Here’s a brief look at what was discussed:

— Regional governors should draft their post-May 11 exit strategies based on recommendations from the federal government and Russia’s consumer protection watchdog, Putin said. The hardest-hit regions should keep strict measures in place while others should plan to gradually ease restrictions, he said.

— Lockdown restrictions should be lifted in three stages, said Anna Popova, the head of Russia’s consumer protection watchdog:

  1. First, people and families should be allowed to leave their homes for outdoor exercise and small shops and service establishments should open in a limited space.
  2. Next, families should be allowed to walk outside, larger shops should open with limits on visitor numbers and schools should re-open.
  3. Third, parks and squares should open under social-distancing restrictions, along with all shops, educational facilities, hotels and dining establishments.

— Authorities will consider three factors when considering lifting restrictions in specific regions, Popova said: infection rates, free hospital beds and testing coverage.

— The number of seriously ill patients in Moscow, the epicenter of Russia’s outbreak, has stayed largely stable over the past two weeks while the total number of cases is higher because of wider testing, said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the head of Russia’s coronavirus task force.

— Moscow’s industrial and construction companies that employ 500,000 people or more will be able to reopen starting Tuesday, May 12, Sobyanin said. The service sector should remain under strict lockdown and all others should stay in self-isolation, he said.

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May 7, 2020

Sad and disappointing that Russia has fallen for this “Panicdemic”. Still far too much Western ideology in Russia. One can thank Czar “Peter the Not So Great” for that.

Reply to  Yuri
May 7, 2020

Panicdemic ? … it dependes !… if you are the one infected I’m sure you will not speak like that anymore !…that’s what happens when ideology is more important than common sense !…

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  jpthiran
May 7, 2020

Of course, the threat is real. President Putin and his Government have absolutely no intention of damagIng the Russian economy voluntarily by ordering total confinement. If they do so, it means the coronavirus is raging in Russia, too. Then confinement is a necessity, not a choice. Is Yuri one of those who do not wear a mask and gloves when going out? He should do so promptly!

Olivia Kroth
May 8, 2020

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