Russia forms special drone-busting combat unit to counter NATO

The new anti-drone combat unit was formed in Russia’s Western Military District

(South Front) – The anti-drone combat unit was formed on the basis of a special radio warfare unit in Western Military District in Russia. The unit will be stationed in Kursk region.

The core of the unit is formed of radio warfare specialists that will use their knowledge to combat drones.

“This is a somewhat unique unit,” said the unit commander colonel Alexander Vostrikov. “The best specialists in the field are all here. Every serviceman has unique professional skills and technical know-how in the area of radio warfare. The amount of training they receive is comparable to one a special operations unit would go through. In a way, they are the special operations unit of radio warfare”, he added.

Various types of remotely piloted aircraft are used in training, including the old war drones and special flying targets.

There exist about 20 special units in the Western Military District. They include aircraft defense systems, sniper units and aviation.

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