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Romanian Reptilian Intellectualism

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

On the Digi24 news station, Cristian Tudor Popescu didn’t miss the opportunity to reveal his reptilian intellectualism for the Nth time – but on this occasion, ahead of Romania’s National day. Digi24 is the news station owned by the RCS & RDS company, which is the market leader in Romania for internet and television services, it also provides landline and mobile phone services, and it also seeks to enter the energy distribution market, because striving toward private monopoly is good [sarcasm]. As a further point of info, Digi24 is the favorite news channel of the Romanian Information Service [SRI]. Back in the day, the media moguls used to call the shots at these networks, but no longer. The Romanian establishment simply thought it easier to outright infiltrate all the political parties, big corporations, and media outlets with undercover agents and just own the business entirely, while feigning opposition and competition. Intelligence officers and the military cadres are forbidden from campaigning and or holding elected office under the Constitution, from being members of political parties, from engaging in political propaganda in favor or against one political faction or another – but they don’t care, because there’s nobody willing and able to enforce the Constitution in this regard.

Going back to Cristian Tudor Popescu, he said the following:

“We’re talking about December 1st. Now the viewers will probably be relieved, that they’ll hear some beautiful words, some words of soul, of honor and glory from me. They won’t. What are we celebrating now? The union, yes? United Romania, the unity of all Romanians.

But let’s see what this union really means. For me, union means: that we are all Romanian citizens, we all pay the same taxes and imposts – or we don’t pay, some of us, but we should pay; this unites us, the fact that we pay taxes and imposts to the Romanian state equally. Then: the fact that we benefit from all rights, the same rights as citizens and have the same obligations towards the state; the fact that we all speak Romanian – some of us have the impression that they speak, as it turned out, but, please, some words are still distinguishable there [here Popescu can’t abstain from being a grammar nazi, even though he’s about to complain about the social dems having nazi orientations].

So these things related to the state, the fact that we do our duty at work, it unites us. But this type of union, which, if it works, is very strong for state unity, is replaced, especially by the populist-national-extremist parties, as we also have one in Romania [PSD], with brotherhood, it is replaced by love: Forgive me and love me, because we are all Romanian! I do not unite, for example, with the Romanian citizens who did not go out to vote at the [presidential] elections. Not with those who gave the white vote or canceled it, no, with those who did not step to the voting station a few hundred meters away. I do not join with them! I pay my taxes as they do, I submit to the laws of this country as they do and through this we make Romania united, but I do not love these people and I do not unite with them! [I guess Popescu also hates the ‘United in Diversity’ motto of the EU? By his logic, he should be in favor of EU exit, if he were at least consistent.]


And I ask another question: if Romania were attacked now and there should be a war of the whole people, as it was in 1918 – when the peasants came out to fight, because we didn’t have a professional army – I wonder: how many Romanians will rush without hesitation to defend this country with weapon in hand, with all the country has at its helm?”

A more reptilian line of reasoning I’ve yet to hear, and it comes from a veteran commentator in the post-89 Romanian epoch. Before the election, Cristian Tudor Popescu was encouraging people to go out and vote, even if they didn’t like the two candidates – he encouraged them to put in the ballot in white or invalid [like I did, stamping several times between the two quadrants of Iohannis and Dancila]. But now, Popescu reveals his utter contempt for those who came and did what he suggested, his contempt for those who didn’t show up to vote – even though voting is optional in the Romanian constitution, NOT mandatory. And, of course, he loathes those people who voted for Dancila. I speculate he had a tough time swallowing the fact Iohannis wasn’t elected with a huge score – his political camp were expecting around 75 percent and more – but Iohannis [Ciolanis as he’s called by his detractors on the right, but not by PSD’s Viorica Dancila ironically] got below 66 percent. Instead of blaming the election riggers, or God-forbid Iohannis, Cristian Tudor Popescu felt the need to blame voters and non-voters; just like the libtards in the US. I too expected a higher score, but I don’t lay any blame on the citizens, irrespective of how or if they voted.

The man had the nerve to ask how many Romanians [plebs that is] have the courage to come out and defend the nation in case of a war. He, Popescu, who’s always wearing brand clothing, who’s a pencil neck acidic mouthpiece with no real input of substance, adept of sophistry, with pretensions of being this indomitable intellectual… Why does he get to ask such a question unchallenged? What would he do in the same scenario? Would he go to war to defend his compatriots and his homeland? I doubt he could say yes with a straight face, without his reptilian scales bristling in the attempt.

This is the same Cristian Tudor Popescu who pokes fun at politicians who don’t wish to prioritize state purchase of the American Patriot missile systems. I can also invoke Merkel here too, whose Government didn’t care to allocate 2 percent of GDP for the military. Is she a traitor to Germany too in this regard? Is she a Russian asset? You see, in the opinions of these faux Romanians, these mercenary reptiles, the PSD government increasing the minimum wage and pensions is bad because it “weighs down” the economy; but somehow purchasing wargear from the Americans will invigorate GNP? Oh, my, now I know the social categories who make Romania vulnerable to a potential Russian aggression: pensioners and minimum wage workers.

Over here, pluralism of opinion and analysis is not tolerated. The establishment preaches Europhilia, which has to take second row before Americanophilia, and all other nuanced discourse is automatically labeled pro-Kremlin and pro-communist and traitorous. Putin is responsible for Brexit. Putin is responsible for Hillary Clinton not becoming POTUS. Putin poisoned the Skripals. Putin is threatening Europe. Putin wants to restore the USSR. Etc, etc, etc… And I make no exaggerations. I dare anyone to find any type of criticism toward the West [the USA in particular] coming from Romania’s mainstream press. Any red-blooded Romanian who reads or better yet, hears Cristian Tudor Popescu explaining what Romanian unity means to him will discover that this man’s heart and feeling are materialistically grotesque if not utterly absent – a reptile through and through.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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Radu Mihaela
Radu Mihaela
December 1, 2019

CTP stie doar sa maraie si sa scuipe. Nu e capabil de nimic altceva.
E un tonomat si o mega suferinta de om.

December 1, 2019

He started with an allusion to the story of “Mos Ion Roata & the Union” trying to get the audience to his side. However, siding with Washington is a very bad bet for the nation and the population. Washingto will allow, nay, encourage, the despoliation of the country and concentration of economic assets in the hands of few, while in the same time opening the land to potential Russian retaliation if the fabled poo hits the fan. after all, Romania is the only country in Europe that has missiles targeting Moscow. The Romanian boyars, going to the Sublime Gate to… Read more »

Andrei Martin
Andrei Martin
Reply to  Kouros
December 1, 2019

Just so. Take a look at the comment section of this article and see the brainwashed commentators equate the article’s case on how Romania can reunite with the Republic of Moldova by bringing Russia to the negotiations table with “communism and Russian propaganda.” It’s like you said, the Ottoman gate was transformed to the Washington gate.

John Ellis
John Ellis
December 2, 2019

As everyone is born selfish and most die selfish, war is the perfect opportunity to enrich our self upon the misery of those with less education, less wealth or less whiteness of skin. And so, war is not a thing that the rich impose on us, but a requirement that we force upon the rich.

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