Roger Stone permanently banned from Twitter, after blasting CNN’s Don Lemon as a “Piece of Sh*t”

More Twitter censorship.

First it was RT and Sputnik. Then Wikileaks. Now it’s conservative analyst Roger Stone.

Yesterday Twitter, under pressure from the US Congress and Deep State, made the decision to remove all RT and Sputnik ads from its platform.

The Duran noted

Expect Facebook and YouTube to follow suite in short order. After banning RT and Sputnik’s ads from social media, the profiles will also be deemed in violation of terms.

It is a slippery slope and we have just entered a fast descent into Deep State censorship.

Conservative political analyst Roger Stone was permanently suspended from Twitter after launching a series of sharp tweets against CNN host Don Lemon Friday evening.

Below are Stone’s tweets to Don Lemon (via The Gateway Pundit).

Below is a partial screen shot of Stone’s tweets (via Reddit )…

GQ’s politics Keith Olbermann suggested Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey suspend Stone over the messages…

“Hey @jack, how is @RogerJStoneJr’s account not


after this public, homophobic attack?”

Sure enough, come Saturday, Roger Stone’s account was suspended.

Buzzfeed’s David Mack says the suspension is permanent…

“Sources tell me Roger Stone’s suspension from Twitter is permanent. He spent last night attacking CNN reporters.”

The hypocrisy is obvious. Arthur Schwartz pointed out that while Stone has been banned, neo-liberal pundit Olbermann still tweets…

“Twitter banned Roger Stone after he used some foul language & verbally attacked a CNN anchor. But this genius is still around. Weird.”

Jack Posobiec confirmed Stone’s ban was permanent, as all his followers had been removed…

“Update: Twitter has removed all followers from Roger Stone and permanently banned him, per his chief of staff”

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Bryce Hopkins
Bryce Hopkins
October 29, 2017

CNN is worse than Pravda was in the late 70’s.

Paul Christian Moulin
Paul Christian Moulin
Reply to  Bryce Hopkins
October 30, 2017

At least Pravda readers knew it from early on , in SU.

Bradley James
Bradley James
October 31, 2017

All the MSM idiots who promote the lies like Hillary is innocent are steaming piles of excrement.

john vieira
john vieira
November 2, 2017

The ‘deep state’ and ‘shadow government’ a.k.a. “the Swamp” are circling the wagons around their ‘eunuch’ lackeys in the mainstream media…the truth is slipping through and they are desperately afraid that their huge investment in brainwashing over the past 40 odd years might unravel…it is starting to as their outright lies are becoming obvious even to the most dimwitted thus the necessity to ‘control’ the ‘narrative’ even more. Do believe that they will even ‘infringe’ on this medium also…Facebook and Twitter we all know are ‘fully’ under the ‘microscope’…

Bradley James
Bradley James
November 2, 2017

All the MSM idiots who promote the lies like ” Hillary is innocent ” are steaming piles of excrement.

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