RIP Football. US FIFA regime change a success. Russia will be targeted by new FIFA mafia. World Cup 2018 in London

Blatter is gone. The US has succeeded in taking over a sport they know nothing about, and care even less.

Who knows what pressure the mafia goons in Washington placed on Blatter in order to get him to step down.

The US / Europe darling, Prince Ali the puppet, will now be President of World Football.

In the next few months expect the media to be feed all kinds of breaking news about how Russia and Vladimir Putin used their “power and evil” to win the 2018 bid.

The headlines and stories are being drafted at this very moment…“Russia corrupted the beautiful game”.

UK PM David Cameron will then whine forever, as only he can (being the ultimate US poodle), and England will eventually secure the World Cup in 2018, after an extraordinary FIFA “anti-corruption” vote takes place.

Prince Ali the puppet, will make sure UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) calls all the shots, after consulting Washington’s “soccer” experts.

Football will become like everything else the US touches…chaotic, unequal, elitist, and broken.

Qatar…who cares. The US owns Qatar.

This was never about Qatar. This was about removing the Palestinian request to ban Israel (accomplished), and stripping Russia of the World Cup 2018…vilifying the Kremlin and Russian President Putin in the process…all in the hope of stirring up hatred and despair inside Russia in order to inflict a final regime change in Moscow.

End GOAL… to bring Russia to its knees and finally give US bankers the free pass to rape and pillage Russia’s resources once again.

RIP Football!

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