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Relieve Trump of command –

Fallout continues over Capt. Brett Crozier being relieved of command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Crozier had sent a four-page letter up the chain of command warning about the cornavirus outbreak aboard his vessel. Crozier called on the Navy to take action to prevent members of his crew from dying. After the email was leaked …

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April 21, 2020

It simply shows the ineptitude and incompetence of Thomas Modly by sacking Captain Crozier. Anyone with a modicum of experience who saw how the Captain was cheered by his troops as he disembarked would have sent shivers down their back. It had danger written all over.
What would these soldier/sailors be thinking? The Captain was concerned about their safety while the Washington pen pushers did not give a stuff since it was more important to keep the aircraft carrier running to show the Chinese who was in charge while their health can take second or third place. Amazing!

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