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Ray Hill (1939-2022) — Part 2

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It would be tiresome to report on all the mischief-making in which Hill engaged over the next few years, but in spite of his later grandiose claims, he was never entirely trusted. He was expelled from the British Movement, and although he cosied up to John Tyndall, the extent of his trust in JT’s outfit was to publish a few articles in Spearhead.

In March 1984, Channel 4 screened a lie-ridden documentary called The Other Face Of Terror; four days before that, Hill “came out” in a News Of The World article. The same title was used for his autobiography. Although the Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot was taken seriously by the media, the police treated it with the contempt it deserved. Before discussing the 2000 libel action, it is worth mentioning Hill’s most disgraceful act of treachery, against a Jewish victim.

One of his associates in South Africa was a man named George Lewis. At some point, Mr Lewis had been living and/or working in then Rhodesia from which he was deported for a sex offence. In the 1980s, he was living in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire where he was in business. After The Other Face Of Terror was released, the Hills relocated to Mablethorpe. The long arm of coincidence can stretch only so far, and it is clear that somehow Hill became aware of his former comrade’s presence there. By now, he was also the father of two young boys, and accused Mr Lewis of interfering with them.

In March 1988, George Lewis stood trial at Lincoln Crown Court on five charges of indecency. And was acquitted. When I spoke to him over the telephone in 1994, he repeated what he had said in court and which was quoted in the Lincolnshire Echo on March 26, 1988. Hill knew about his Rhodesian misadventure, and when Mr Lewis refused to go into business with him, he resorted to blackmail. That a man would use his own young sons for something like this is despicable beyond belief.

After “coming out” as a Nazi mole, Hill put his name to a column in Searchlight magazine for many years. The Hill Street News column should really have been called Gable Street News because it was clearly written by the magazine’s editor and publisher, Gerry Gable. It was Gable by the way who was the prime mover behind the documentary The Other Face Of Terror.

In 1993, the Hill Street News column libelled Morris Riley. This wasn’t the usual Nazi smear but was more personal in nature. Morris was an accountant based in Chesterfield; prior to that he had been a soldier and had served in the Middle East. Morris issued his libel writ in July 1996, just before the end of the time limit, which was then three years. He sued Gerry Gable, Ray Hill, Searchlight Magazine Limited, and Russell Press Limited, the latter being the printer.

Prior to its hearing at the High Court, Russell Press paid £5,001 into court, an incredibly accurate assessment. The case was heard from February 17-23, 2000. Lead Counsel for the Plaintiff was the late Nigel Ley. Hill’s defence was a one sentence denial, he hadn’t written the article, but a man who allows his name to be put to an article is responsible for its publication, regardless of how little he has contributed to it. Morris Riley was subjected to a grueling cross-examination, but when the time came for Gable and Hill to go into the witness box…crickets.

This is soooo typical of so-called anti-fascists, they will spout all kinds of drivel to a compliant and spineless media, but when they are asked to justify their wild claims, they have nothing to say.

The jury found for Morris Riley and awarded him £5,000 damages against the three defendants – Gable, Hill, and the magazine. Sadly, Morris died the following year at the age of 51, but only the good die young, and Ray Hill lived to a decent old age.

Over the next twenty and more years he made sporadic appearances at so-called anti-fascist events, but he had his fifteen minutes of fame with The Other Face Of Terror. While the mainstream media always shows white nationalists in the worst possible light (apart from the IRA), Ray Hill deserves to be. Whatever his initial concerns about non-white immigration, he was attracted to the movement for all the wrong reasons, and compounded his bigotry with the betrayal of his former comrades.

I’m not glad he’s dead, he was a husband and father after all, but the real Ray Hill was also a nasty piece of work. Let that never be forgotten.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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May 24, 2022

RE: but the real Ray Hill was also a nasty piece of work.

I suspect that some “nasty pieces of work” have been leaders in many organizations.
Although politicians may be in a class of their own in this regard. Instead of impacting a few lives and families they impact thousands. And destroy entire nations. Unfortunately, instead of being treated as the criminals they are, they are often regarded as Statesmen. Some Leaders. Some Statesmen.

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