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Rand Paul defends Trump against John McCain (VIDEO)

Rand Paul defends Trump against John McCain (VIDEO)

Although they traded blows during the Republican primary, Senator Rand Paul is fast becoming one of Donald Trump’s most important allies on Capitol Hill.

From Paul’s offer to help Trump to replace the failed Obamacare initiative to rumors that Paul and Trump shared similar views on auditing the Federal Reserve, now the son of well-known former Libertarian/Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, is standing up for President Trump against Senator McCain’s seemingly endless line of attacks.

Senator Paul told ABC news that McCain is the kind of person who wants constant wars which would bankrupt the United States. Senator Paul went on to state that the kinds of wars McCain advocates for are counterproductive and destabilizing. He cited McCain’s advocacy of the war in Iraq and intervention in Syria as two such examples.

When pressed on McCain’s statement that Trump favors a dictatorial style shut down of the free press, Paul pointed out the clear truth that there is no evidence of that.

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Indeed, the continued mainstream media attacks on Trump demonstrate that a biased free press is having a rather easy time in getting their agenda across.

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