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Questions emerge over official death count in MOAB drop

Questions have been raised over the official death toll from the America MOAB drop on tunnels in Afghanistan used by ISIS. The tunnels were originally built by the CIA to aid anti-Soviet Mujaheddin fighters during the Soviet Afghan War which was fought between 1979 and 1989.

The original figure released by the United States said that 36 ISIS fighters had been killed.

However, the BBC has reported that 90 ISIS fighters have been killed while the Independent Journal Review puts the death toll at more than 100.

Afghan leaders place the figure around 92.

By contrast, ISIS claims that ZERO of its fighters were killed, not that ISIS is a reliable source of statistics.

Many however, have challenged how any death toll could be accurately ascertained given the apparent logistical impossibility of doing a body count in a pulverised tunnel system, shortly after its destruction.

Civilians in areas near the location of the blast have described the ‘horror’ of the event.

Because the United States has failed to explain how they arrived at the original number of 36 dead, more people will doubtlessly question how they arrived at this statistic.

Further explanations are required.

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