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Quebec dismantling its lockdown: let me explain what happened

By Denis Rancourt, PhD

Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association (

What happened in Quebec?

How the hell did Quebec break with WHO and global-elite media-driven propaganda to go its own way, and follow science rather than absurdity?

I was amazed when Quebec announced that it was dismantling its lockdown, and now believed in herd immunity.

I wrongly thought some wise academics and government scientists finally got through to them, and/or they found a daring way to avoid otherwise unavoidable civil disobedience and unrest…


The actual answer is: Radio Quebec and its visceral critiques and ridicule of the government and its lies. Radio-Quebec never let up and they got the YouTube views from hell, for Quebec, in French.

Here is the main video that went viral in Quebec and that explains how the death statistics for COVID-19 are a complete fraud:

Here is the video in which they rightly celebrate their victory:

A fraction of Quebec is alive folks, unlike English Canada that is loosing itself turning around in circles in the sea of propaganda insanity. “Maybe those infected do not develop immunity” and such crap, over and over again.

Two solitudes. English media don’t cover Quebec!

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May 3, 2020

yes, a video in French will help everyone on an English speaking website. Even though I can derive that La Fraude means fraud. And from the few pieces that I did pick up by skipping through a few bits is the same complaint from elsewhere claiming that corona cases are lumped together with all kind of causes of death and that diagnostics are inadequate. Ok. As if it had ever been perfect before. As if numbers are absolute. Especially when the infection/excessive death rates are still rising. Like I have commented before, the excessive death rate that is now becoming… Read more »

Eric Zuesse
Reply to  Clarity
May 3, 2020

If this should have been published here, that’s only if a transcript or subtitles in English were supplied.

Reply to  Eric Zuesse
May 6, 2020

no subs

Rat Line to Rambouillet
Rat Line to Rambouillet
May 4, 2020

A shame Quebec didn’t see fit to do the same with the ukro-nazi viruses infesting Canada.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Rat Line to Rambouillet
May 5, 2020

A lot of Ukrainian Nazis have emigrated to Canada. Seems to be a very safe country for them.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
May 5, 2020

They shorten their Ukrainian names to make them sound more “Quebecois”.

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
May 6, 2020

Canada is an immigrant country. Safe for everyone is allowed in. BT mind you [before Trudeau].

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