Putin weaponizes sheep, launches hybrid attacks on US bases in Romania

US military facilities in Romania are being forced into a state of alert by ongoing assaults from militarized mutton

In his effort to radically undermine western values, peace, love, hope, democracy and everything we hold dear, Vladimir Putin has some new allies.

The American missile defense systems located in Romania are being targeted by a new form of hybrid warfare – of a four legged variety. has the details:

In the Romanian village of Stoenesti, nearby the US Deveselu military base, an argument sparked between the military local shepherds. The military claimed that the sheep cause problems by alarming security systems. The sheep go to places with active security sensors, touch fences and set off alarm systems.

A representative for the local administration tried to explain to US military officials that the sheep are not like people – “they do not follow the rules.”

The military asked the owner of the flock to find another pasture for the animals, but the farmer refused by claiming that the animals had been grazing in the area long before the Americans came there.

The Kremlin-trained attack sheep no doubt benefit from their thick wool coats, making them resistant to tough European winter conditions.

It’s not clear what kind of countermeasure the Pentagon will come up with in response to the new Russian tactic.

But so far the score is sheep 1 – US military 0.

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