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Putin-Trump summit postponed till July

It is looking unlikely that US President Trump and Russian President Putin will hold a summit until the two meet at the coming G20 summit in July.

That seems to be the right take from comments made earlier by Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Putin’s spokesman.

This is what RT reports Peskov having said

We have no specific information regarding the possible meeting between Putin and Trump so far, we have not even considered the dates yet. Assuming that there is a G20 summit in July this year, one way or the other the presidents will meet there, but, as you know, there has been talk about the possibility of an earlier meeting. So far there is nothing specific in this regard,

Just a short while ago President Putin seemed to be floating the idea of a summit in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

As for Ljubljana, and Slovenia as a whole, of course, it is a wonderful place for such talks. However, it depends not only on us but on a wide range of circumstances and day-to-day business. If these meetings take place, we have nothing against Ljubljana. We have already held such meetings in Ljubljana and I would like to thank [you] in advance, if there is such an opportunity (Mr President spoke about that). I would like to thank Slovenia for its willingness to organise such a meeting. To reiterate, this does not depend only on us, but naturally, we are ready for it.

Though the idea of holding the summit in Ljubljana is supposed to have originated with Slovenian President Borut Pahor, the enthusiastic way Putin welcomed the possibility may suggest that the Russians were not just receptive the idea but might actually have been the ones who first suggested it.

In the event it seems that the Trump administration, beset with internal struggles with the US intelligence community and other matters, and with a State Department still lacking a proper team, is simply not ready for a summit.

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