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Putin, Bashar al-Assad and Patriarch John X invite President Trump to Syria

…or at least they discuss this, saying that it helped convert Saint Paul

This little video is enough to turn the entire American narrative about Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on its head.

Here we see President Vladimir Putin, President Assad and Patriarch John X of Antioch and all the East, the oldest (and Orthodox) Christian Church in continuous existence, dating from 33 A.D. Here they discuss inviting President Trump to see Syria for himself and the reality of life there.

President Putin protected Syria with Russian military forces especially starting in 2015 through the present time, allowing for a defeat of almost all of ISIS forces and allowing President Assad to retain control of his country.

The Americans in the region oddly enough allied themselves with al-Qaeda remnant group Al-Nusra and fought a largely propaganda “war” which served under President Obama’s time as more a vehicle to aid an abet ISIS in Obama’s own sneaky crusade to wipe Christians off the face of the earth. I do not make this statement lightly, for it is true, and anyone in Syria would agree with this.

This article and video are a must-share to all Westerners, particularly Americans, because most Americans who hold religious views DO identify as Christian believers. The very successful and pervasive propaganda net in the US prevents these good people from realizing the truth – that for many years now, their government has been aiding and abetting the extermination of Christians.

While I believe President Trump knows this and wants to stop it, he is hamstrung by a deep-state neo-con / globalist / secular humanist apparatus that has been building its strength in Washington DC for decades, reaching its apex under the godless president Barack Hussein Obama. One may remember, in fact, Mr. Obama’s rather cryptic statement that the policies he put in place would endure no matter what President Trump tried to do. It appears that he has been shown largely correct, though no one correctly estimated President Trump’s tenacity.

Still, even though the leaders here joke about President Trump not being a good man, I think this is not to be taken as a slight against the man. After all, President Putin has been trying to work with Trump at every opportunity, and Trump, likewise. However, the view in Russia is that America has become lost and basically ineffective at doing the right thing, or even at being truth based and reasonable in terms of foreign policy views.

We could certainly agree, and even go farther to say that there is but a thin hold on sanity even in domestic politics, considering that the weakest impeachment case in history is actually preparing to be heard in the US Senate while the Democrats are still scrambling around trying to find damning information.

Truly, the US has problems. Bits of truth like we see here can help the American people continue to find their true footing and have something to say about this. We aren’t totally gone, we just need all the help we can get.

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Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
January 17, 2020

As though America and its military were not spread out fighting conflicts on several fronts, this article shows that Washington is not yet finished with its mission in Syria:

The United States simply cannot spread its message of American-style democracy to enough nations around the world.

Tantrum Trump
Tantrum Trump
January 17, 2020

Trump would only come to Syria to kick furniture over. That’s what some folks do when stymied.

Forces of Good - Kill the Bishops
Forces of Good - Kill the Bishops
Reply to  Tantrum Trump
January 18, 2020

Well. he might knock over a few more bishops in Aleppo too. That’s what folks do when they’re checked.

January 17, 2020

The writer is quite ignorant of the religious composition of most of the US government. The influence of fundamentalist christianity is rampant — and it has been since Reagan. Rather than wanting to wipe christians off the face of the earth, the fundamentalists want to establish christianity as the official religion, either by law or by force. If, as the writer claims, the US government were secular humanist, there would be no regime change wars in the Middle East, because unlike militant christianity, humanism holds respect for all life and tolerance for all religions. But let’s not delude ourselves…the US… Read more »

Reply to  Janet
January 17, 2020

You forgot the element that has the biggest grip on US government and institutions: the neo-Cohens.

Reply to  Janet
January 17, 2020

their rhetoric is for the proles…

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