Pubic enemy #1, Vladimir Putin speaks on U.S. sanctions and Ukraine [Video with english subtitles]

Is Putin screwing around with the West? Instead of some monster, dictator coming out to speak to the press on the recent sanctions and Ukraine, what we got from the event was a thoughtful and articulate analysis of the situation unfolding and an offer of negotiation, which will most certainly not be reported, talked about, and hidden. How else can Washington’s paid for media machine create the next Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, etc… villain.

Meanwhile, we have the honor of listening to Obama recite words from a teleprompter, soundbites of McCain calling for war (again), Clinton calling for war (again), Cameron calling for heavy sanctions (again), and so on.

Of course no mention from the above leaders about MH17 anymore, or presenting some real evidence aside from tweets and likes. And still no Air Traffic Control tower recording, that just disappeared.

Then again if you shot down a commercial plane, after deliberately diverting it into a war zone, you would also be reluctant to disclose the control tower information as well…just saying.

As one commenter from The Vineyard of Saker blog noted:

Times may be tough for Putin at the moment but I bet that he has one eye on the calendar as the seasons move into winter. I bet too that in his office he has a meter saying exactly how much gas there is left in the Ukraine. It’s gunna be a bad winter in the Ukraine his year.

And then their is this news just in form the ITAR-TASS agency:

Ukrainian government and its US and EU partners plan to fully redesign the energy map of Europe and Russia will not get ownership of the Ukrainian transit gas pipelines network, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk claimed Friday.

They better hope Oligarch Hunter Biden can frack the hell out of East Ukraine soon, because without Russian gas the entire Ukraine is absolutely worth nothing, pipes and transit included…not even worth the $5 Billion invested by Nuland and Co. to destabilise the country in the first place.

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