Three pushup videos that will help you build a strong, chiseled chest

I love pushups. Its been my go to exercise for over 20+ years and still forms a core part of my strength training program. Pushups are simply awesome. All you need is a floor and good form and you are on your way to a bigger chest (and just about all muscles).

Here are three videos curated for men looking to get more out of the standard pushup. Some of these vids are more advanced but all of them are easy to follow, really helpful and will help you look great without your shirt this summer.

5 advanced pushup exercises for a bigger chest

These advanced pushup exercises are a lot more effective and harder to do. Stick it out, work hard on these variations and you will build a big chest all from the comfort of your home.


A variation on a 1 arm pushup that you will really love.

If you are having trouble getting connected to your chest, then do these pushup variations before your full chest workout or substitute these pushups into your home workout routine. These pushups were developed by Victor Costa, one of the top trainers in the the World.


1 trick to master your one arm pushup

The one arm pushup is the granddaddy pushup of them all, but sometimes its hard to build up to this impressive display of strength. Follow this video to learn of a full proof trick that will help anyone master the one arm pushup.

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