President Trump will not fire Robert Mueller. But would he have reason to? [VIDEO]

In report given by Sean Hannity, it would seem perfectly well within the President’s rights to do so, though it would be misperceived politically

Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor assigned to ferret out any sign of collusion between Donald Trump and agencies of the Russian Federation, is continuously framed as “a man of impeccable integrity.” This is the by-line that anyone can expect to hear whenever the validity of the collusion investigation is questioned.

Now, in the last few days, the mainstream media has been trying to run a narrative that President Trump is going to fire Mueller, but the White House has insisted that the President is not going to do this. The reason is simple: Regardless of whether Mueller deserves firing or not, such a move would galvanize Democrats who would then seek impeachment proceedings against the President once they took a majority in the House come the November elections.

However, that is politics. What about the “impeccability” of the Special Investigator? Well, according to Sean Hannity, on his program on Fox News on 20 March, this title is most definitely not deserved. See for yourself what he has to say:

Sean Hannity is not alone in questioning the integrity of Mr. Mueller.

However, again, the President has specifically stated that he has no plans to fire Mueller. In fact, it may well be the case that letting him investigate till the cows come home will simply prove that President Trump is correct.

However, Sean Hannity did go on to mention situations that show Mr. Mueller to be less than the paragon of virtue the MSM make him out to be. Most notable was the case that Mueller worked on in Boston that had local law enforcement officials, the media, and some colleagues criticizing Mueller and the FBI for what they believed was the bureau’s role in covering up for the FBI’s longtime dealings with mobster and informant James “Whitey” Bulger.

Sean raised some big questions in a pretty short period of time. Maybe it is unwise for President Trump to fire him because of the terrible dishonesty of the Democrat Party, which is still very much a virulent force these days, but that doesn’t take away from the matter of investigating the investigator for ourselves to see what the real story is.

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