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Pompeo Snubs Merkel With Last-Minute Cancellation

Via Zerohedge

As tensions with Iran reach a boiling point and Washington looks ready to walk away from trade talks with China, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo apparently wanted to make sure the US’s European ‘allies’ know their place.

According to Bloomberg, Pompeo scrapped plans for a Tuesday meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, citing unspecified “pressing issues.”

“Unfortunately, we must reschedule the Berlin meetings due to pressing issues. We look forward to rescheduling this important set of meetings. The Secretary looks forward to being in Berlin soon,” according to a statement from the State Department that was relayed to the American embassy.

Merkel issued a brief statement saying the joint appearance had been cancelled because of the “cancellation by the US side.”

Pompeo was in the region to attend talks in Finland, where he warned China and Russia against pursuing “aggressive” actions in the Arctic, while resisting a diplomatic push by other countries in the region to take steps to curb climate change. He also met with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Those speculating about the reason for the cancellation have a veritable buffet of US gripes to choose from. These include: Germany’s decision to balk at banning Huawei from its 5G network, US criticisms of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and Trump’s persistent NATO bashing, which has largely focused on Germany’s not spending enough on defense.

Juergen Hardt, a lawmaker in Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, insisted that Pompeo’s cancellation wasn’t a snub.

Though he added that “it’s a pity that this meeting isn’t taking place.”

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Stop Bush and Clinton

“Dear Mike, you may have snubbed us again, but that doesn’t matter at all! We’ll still help you nuke the evil Russians and invade Iran and Venezuela with you! Heil Bolton! Heil Pompeo! Please fart in my direction again, can’t get enough of the wonderful smell!”
— Adolphette Merkel

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb

I am positive that both Merkel and Maas are absolutely devastated. Go home, Yank…

You can call me AL
You can call me AL

That accurately sums my thoughts as well. Great minds hey !!!.


I’m a Yank and I’m home and I enthusiastically endorse your suggestion. Enough is enough with this hegemonic wet dream crapfest of ours.


Russia should snub Pompeo. Persona non grata. Those remarks he made about laying 13000 Donbass casualties at Russia’s doorstep when Ukraine’s neonazis were slaughtering Donbass civilians nonstop qualifies Pompeo for his own dedicated chapter in Animal Farm.

Russia – avoid this extreme malevolence called Pompeo at all costs. Honor and justice are involved.


Pompeo’s braying again in London about ‘Europe under Russia’s thumb with NordStream II. Europe’s too reliant on Russian gas. Must stop it. Are there any Europeans out there that don’t see through this? What’s the dif to Europe if it gets Russian gas through Nord Stream II or through Ukraine’s old pipes? Same volumes. Are European leaders as stupid and two-faced as American leaders are to not acknowledge the scam? Be honest. Force it back through Ukraine and they’ll be the gatekeeper, able to raise transit fees and steal at will. I assume Washington will run that show too, just… Read more »

The FBI’s Trump-Russia Investigation Was Formally Opened on False Pretenses

Rebelling against ‘globalism’ & a ‘new world order’ doesn’t make Farage an ‘anti-Semite’