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Poetic justice for Hillary Clinton – new big league revelations

Hillary Rodham Clinton, former US Secretary of State, listens before delivering keynote remarks at the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves summit, Friday Nov. 21, 2014 in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

On occasion, political systems which are totally corrupt, can produce events, the results of which run contrary to intuition. Traditionally, justice is associated with political systems which value transparency, honesty, morality and deal out severe punishments to those who deviate from this trajectory. None of this can be associated with the people who surround Hillary Clinton, the most thoroughly corrupt individual to run as a major candidate for the presidency of the United States in recent history, if not ever.

But Friday’s events witnessed a profound exception which proves a dismal rule. From within the belly of the establishment beast, the FBI has re-opened the case against Hillary Clinton for her improper use of private email servers to conduct state affairs and the deletion of classified information in order to cover up her crimes. The official rationale for re-opening the FBI case against Clinton is that new emails have surfaced which are “pertinent to the investigation” according to FBI director James Comey.

Legally there is nothing too exotic about a closed case being re-opened in the light of new evidence being discovered. But when it comes to Hillary Clinton whose case Donald Trump rightly says was swept under the rug by the FBI, logic dictates that there is something more at hand.

In corrupt societies there are several examples of how the truth can get exposed in the name of justice.

  1. An individual has a personal moral revelation which disallows him or her from continually participating in the running of an unjust system. Such examples include Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.
  2. Those who seek personal fame or monetary enrichment by exposing an erstwhile hidden scandal. Here one could point to Paula Jones who exposed the Bill Clinton scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.
  3. Someone looking to escape a country they find repressive will leak critical information in order to win sympathy with a foreign land in which one seeks asylum. There are countless examples of this throughout history. Think of example of a North Korean informant seeking asylum in Seoul.

Time will tell which one of these categories applies, but it is quite extraordinary that the FBI, the heart of the American law enforcement establishment, would do such a thing and do so just under two weeks before election day and shortly after Hillary Clinton’s 69th birthday. The timing is more than intriguing. Someone, somewhere in the FBI must have an axe to grind against the Clintons or some deeply person vendetta. It is highly likely that someone twisted the arm of Mr. Comey. I wouldn’t discount inter-organisational blackmail.

Perhaps someone has information on Mr. Comey or his associates and made an offer the heads of the FBI could not refuse. There is also a possibility that someone in the establishment has a reason to want Hillary Clinton away from power. Perhaps she is more feared than respected even in the place she nominally holds court. This is of course speculation, but speculation based on logic. The logic is informed by a lifetime of studying the banana republics which America is beginning to look like, contrary to the facetious optimism of Vladimir Putin.

There is however, something even more intriguing. In the FBI re-opening the case against Hillary Clinton there is not only a sense of justice in the air, there is a sense of poetic justice.

The Hillary Clinton campaign have been trying to score points against Donald Trump because he said the word ‘pussy’ to refer to the genitals of a woman. Now though, the FBI are investigating Hillary Clinton for very serious crimes due to emails brought to the attention of the FBI during their investigation into the sexual crimes committed against a minor by former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

How poetically just that after trying to tar Donald Trump as some sort of pervert, that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has taken a massive blow due to the investigation of an actual pervert, an alleged paedophile moreover! In many ways, this is one part Sophocles and one part Aristophanes. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The mainstream media will try their best to downplay this latest bombshell. Therefore Donald Trump must continue to hammer this message home. Hillary Clinton is seismically corrupt. She makes Richard Nixon look like Jesus Christ.

There is another clear victor in this saga, beyond Donald Trump whose remarks about ‘Crooked’ Hillary have been vindicate. Julian Assange and Wikileaks have made Hillary Clinton’s email issue unavoidable. Leak after leak of embarrassing, incriminating and morally demolishing emails from Clinton and her associates have drawn the world’s attention to the systematic corruption and lies that Hillary Clinton bathes in on a daily basis.

Wikileaks may well have played a part in embarrassing the FBI about their erstwhile complacency in respect of Hillary Clinton’s mafia style politics. This is a further example of how new-media can change the world for the better and can even impact how the establishment treats the most deviant members of their own club.

As the days tick down until election day, things just got interesting….BIG LEAGUE!

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