Is There a Plot to Expel Russia from UN Security Council?

Senator Sergei Kalashnikov of the Federation Council of the Russian Duma claims that the West has launched an operation to expel Russia from the United Nations Security Council.

MOSCOW, March 14 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The West launched a powerful operation to remove Russia from the UN Security Council as an uncomfortable player for them, hence all the “rolls” on our country, first deputy head of the economic committee of the Council of Federation Sergey Kalashnikov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

RIA Novosti has the original story in Russian, Fort Russ News has a summary in English.

I do not know how Senator Kalashnikov assumes Russia’s removal would actually happen. Maybe the United States will simply expel the Russian UN diplomats from New York.

How can someone make delusional claims like that? I actually did so 3 years ago. (See Facebook)


NATO has chosen Mikhail Khodorkovsky to set up government-in-exile, take over Russia’s UN seat and foreign assets.

The NATO plan is now obvious: Mikhail Khodorkovsky will set up puppet government-in-exile and claim to be the legitimate president of Russia. He will then ask Western governments for diplomatic recognition.

This palace coup d’état will take place not in Moscow but at the UN headquarters in New York. US security guards will remove the Russian ambassador and replace him with Khodorkovsky or his stooge.

This same scenario has been already been demonstrated before. In February 2011 the Libyan Chargé d’Affaires Ibrahim Dabbashi – after first resigning – took up the position of the Libyan ambassador and requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council. In less than a week the Security Council passed UNSC Resolution 1970 in effect confiscating all $100 billion dollars worth of Libya’s foreign assets.

The first step of the US Security Council in its new configuration will be to ask NATO for military assistance in removing the “pretender Putin” from the Kremlin and “liberating the Russian people from his tyranny.” The US and its captive nations have a qualified majority in the Security Council so the vote will pass. (The Chinese ambassador will be prevented from casting a veto.)

A crucial part of the plan is the continuing information war against Russia. The demonization of President Putin. The Western public has already been taught the inevitability of the war against Russia.

Khodorkovsky’s usurpation of power will not happen today, not yet. The NATO plan will only be put to motion once the first Russian troops overtly enter Ukrainian territory.

IN THE NEWS: Mikhail Khodorkovsky met Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb at the official summer residence Kultaranta yesterday. The meeting was held on Khodorkovsky’s request.

There is no legal procedure to expel a permanent member of the UNSC. The decisions of the UNSC are by definition international law. Nothing can become law if it is vetoed by a permanent member.

The situation becomes different if a permanent member voluntarily abstains from a UNSC meeting. Then the council can do all kinds of irrational and illegal things. Like declaring war on North Korea, as they did in 1950 after the Soviet Union had temporarily quit the council in protest.

Some think that the veto mechanism is outdated and should be abolished. But the 5 permanent members happen to be the only five NPT-designated nuclear weapon states. It would be a catastrophic threat to global stability and peace if the UNSC could declare war on a nuclear power.

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