What passport gives you access to the most countries without a visa?

A good passport opens many doors.

Any well traveled person will attest to the benefits of having a passport that belongs to a country with visa free arrangements to multiple destinations.  The question, however, to be answered is which country gets you into the most countries without a travel visa?

Luckily the good people at Good Magazine ranked the most powerful passports in the world, based on the travel freedom that each passport holder enjoys.

Having a U.S. passport definitely means lots of visa free travel choices, but America is not the best passport when it comes to bypassing travel restrictions and visa fees.

The best passports are the United Kingdom, Finland, and Sweden, whose passport holders can travel to 173 countries without a visa. Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, and the U.S. give travelers visa-free access to 172 countries.

On the other end, the worst passports belong to Afghanistan (28 countries without a visa), Iraq (31 visa free countries), Somalia, and Pakistan.

Via Good Magazine




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