Want to try some Russian wine?

Russia is home to historic and young vineyards. Here are some fun ones in Crimea.

Russia is home to historic wineries although few bottles end up on tables in the west. However, with exports beginning to flow out, there is an increasing chance that people in the wider world will come to know and love Russian wine as much as many locals.

Among the most storied wineries in Russia is Massandra in the Crimean city of Yalta on the Black Sea.

The winery was first opened in 1894 by in Prince Lev Golitsyn. Like much private property in Russia, during the Soviet period the winery was nationalised. However, unlike many wine producers in the Soviet Union, the vineyards of Massandra remained open even during Mikhail Gorbachev’s war on drinking in the late 1980s.

Today, Massandra is looking to export more wine in spite of threats from the Ukrainian regime who have been whining about everything from a recent auction of Massandra’s valuable vintage bottles to the fact the winery is still operating.

But that didn’t stop Russian President Vladimir Putin and his friend, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from sharing what was said to be a bottle of wine said to be worth $90,000.

Another younger Crimean winery, The Alma Valley Winery recently won top awards at an Italian wine festival.

Crimean wine country is a popular destination for people throughout Russia.

You book a visit to Massandra by visiting their website  or getting in touch on +7 (3654) 35-24-38  or

To visit the Alma Valley Winery contact them via their website  or ring them up on +7 36554–9–19–79. Alternative you can send them an email at,

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June 4, 2017

It is like politics in the west. Selling a lot of rubbish whilst there is so much to offer. Krim should cherish their beautiful wines. And about Unkraine; I know that they were importing cheap wine in bulk, left overs, shipped from Spain by wine tanker vessels. Ignoring the beautiful wines of the Krim. Idiots.

Petr Rickett
Petr Rickett
Reply to  Cale
June 4, 2017

There broke no money to buy anything but crap

June 4, 2017

I look forward testing those wines

Suzanne Giraud
Suzanne Giraud
June 5, 2017

Of course, that makes total sense. The Etruscans (before the Romans) were from Rassia/Russia and were renown wine makers throughout the Mediterranean region. And as they wrote from right to left, it would have been during the period of Matriarchy. Check out ‘Secrets in the Dust – Uncovering the Etruscans Glory before Rome’ on YouTube. “Etruscians are literally “This (“eto”) Rus”. Etruscan “Arak” for Falcon is a variation of RArog or RArak for Falcon. As you know, Rome (“Rim”) was founded by Etruscans. There is a map in Vatican which shows “Small Etrutria” in Italy (Tuscany) with Rome, and “Large… Read more »

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