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PAYBACK: Russian Olympic hockey team CRUSHES American squad 4-0

PAYBACK: Russian Olympic hockey team CRUSHES American squad 4-0

What happens when you create a situation where your rival cannot possibly expect to win, and where your own prospects for victory are assured?

What happens when that rivalry is based on a fiction and the tactics used to put your rival down are based in your own dishonesty about yourself?

Simple. You lose, and they get vindicated.

This happened today in the 2018 Winter Olympics Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, when the American hockey team faced the OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia) team. The Americans had no professional players, but the Russians had one.

In fact, the Russians had a professional who formerly played for the American NHL. Ilya Kovalchuk helped the Russian team to put away the Americans, 4-0. Ilya scored two goals in a 28-second interval, which is rare in hockey, and which is said to have blown the spirits out of the US team.

Granted, the US team entered the Olympics as underdogs this time around. In recent years the American team has been very good. In fact, the American Women’s Hockey team did do very well against the OAR, blanking them 5-0.

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Could this mean that the rivalry and the Russia badgering comes from American male politicians?

Could be…

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