Once again Putin refuses to take Washington’s bait. White House left asking ‘what more must we do to start a conflict?’

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Ukraine President and western mouthpiece Pyotr Poroshenko presented his ‘peace plan’ to East Ukraine that resembled more of a “surrender or die’ ultimatum, than a call to end hostility. Instead of Russia defiantly opposing the ridiculous terms listed by the plan and further escalating the situation, Vladimir Putin once again left the western powers puzzled by supporting the ceasefire, but urging for dialogue and conversation between the parties.

The horror of such a request will certainly not escape the main stream media’s villainization of Russia (coincidently all western news sources have remained dead silent on Russia’s suggestion for dialogue).

Using the proxy that is Poroshenko, Kerry and Co. delivered a ‘peace plan’ that was more of an ultimatum of surrender, knowing that East Ukraine rebels would never be able to accept the terms and Russia would be further obligated to step in and assist in fighting the neo-nazi right sector forces currently operating in the east.

We start off with ITAR TASS’s coverage of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commenting on the Poroshenko plan:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said most of the provisions in Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko’s peace plan “look like an ultimatum”.

“The point is that all those who disagree with the present authorities and the way they came to power have only several days, a week, to lay down their arms. Otherwise, leave Ukraine and then we may take a look to see whether you have committed grave crimes or not, and if not, then you may be amnestied,” Lavrov is quoted as saying on the Foreign Ministry’s official website on Saturday, June 21.

The plan lacks the key thing – a proposal to start dialogue. This is a drastic departure from the Geneva statement of April 17 which is still supported by all of our Western partners, the United States, the European Union and the Ukrainian authorities or at least they say so,” Lavrov said.

“We are very much alarmed and worried by the fact that simultaneously with the announcement of the peace plan, a military operation was stepped up, which resulted in people wounded on the Russian side,” he said. “Russian territory has already been shelled and there is destruction. Some people were injured, as a minimum. We do not know yet how the people injured as a result of mortar attacks will be doing.”

“So I think everyone will be looking at Kiev’s Western sponsors who have assumed responsibility for the coup and the subsequent preparation of the presidential elections,” the minister said. “This responsibility should probably be realised now through concrete steps which will bring the situation back in line with the Geneva statement of April 17 and will make it possible to begin immediately a dialogue on constitutional reform and the resolution of the crisis with the participation of all Ukrainian regions.”

The Russian Foreign Minister rightly points out that of all the 15 steps presented, not one single points calls for dialogue and negotiation between the sides to take place.  I was under the impression that peace was achieved through bilateral diplomacy and conversation, not one sided ultimatums.

And so to everyone’s surprise, Putin, instead of condemning the ultimatum of puppet Poroshenko, comes out in support of the plan as long as…wait for it…the two sides sit down at a table to work out their differences.  Once again, Putin plays chess while John Kerry and Victoria Nuland bake cookies.  Main stream media remains silent…chirp chirp.

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko’s order to cease fire in the south-east of the country and his intention to take concrete steps towards peaceful settlement of the crisis in the region, the presidential press service said on Saturday, June 21.

Putin “urges all warring parties to stop all hostilities and begin talks”, the press service said. He believes, however, that Poroshenko’s peace plan “will not be viable and realistic without practical steps towards negotiations”.

The Russian president said it was “unacceptable” when “after the order to cease fire ammunition lands and explodes on Russian territory as a result of the continuing confrontation between the Ukrainian sides, which not only causes damage to property but also endangers the life and health of our citizens”.

“The announced Poroshenko peace plan should not be an ultimatum to the militia. The opportunity created by the ceasefire must be used for starting constructive negotiations and reaching political compromises between the warring parties in the East of Ukraine,” the press service said.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the neocons, to see how else they can grease up the war machine and finally make this Ukraine thing hot.  Meanwhile in Iraq things are moving along nicely, if you are ISIS militants.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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