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Great Britain grandfather asks for a bigger crib to care for his 26 grandchildren

What makes Peter Rolf, a 64 year old grandfather from Great Britain, an exceptional story is not the size of his family tree, counting 14 boys and 12 girls, but the fact that Mr. Rolf receives an tidy sum of state help to the tune of 500,000 pounds yearly.

While most grandpa’s would be more than happy with such a generous amount of state help coming in, Mr. Rolf is not.

Actually, Mr. Rolf is asking the British government for more help, this time in the form of a bigger crib, so he and his 26 younglings can live more comfortably…when they visit him, that is.

Commenting on his sizeable family, Rolf explains that some of the women became pregnant through fraudulent methods, while he likewise finds it “regrettable” that his sheer masculinity has lead to so many children he now has to care for.


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