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Obama’s silence undermines law, order and democracy

Not content just with insulting the Charter of the United Nations and key articles of international law, Barack Obama now insults democracy itself. Over the last 24 hours, various riots have taken place in America, perpetrated by those who refuse to accept the simple fact that Donald Trump won the election. It is the sign of an immature democracy when there are insurrections and violent agitations in the immediate aftermath of an election.

Although the present democratic process in Russia is newer than those in the United States, September’s Duma and regional elections were both democratic and peaceful. Indeed, the fact that the Russian elections were so placid (too placid for some), is a sign of stability, general contentment and acceptance of a political settlement. Prior to Britain going hysterical over Brexit, British elections were often described as ‘the lull before the lull’. The same could have been said of America to some extent, but not anymore.

Barack Obama has presided over more instances of civil insurrection than have occurred in the US at any time since the Vietnam War era. Urban riots and violent occupations have become  frequent occurrences throughout Obama’s second term. Throughout these events, he has remained either strangely silent or has offered subtle indications that he supports the insurrectionists. This is the most un-presidential if not anti-presidential behavior imaginable.

It is the job of heads of state to offer calm during times of unease. It is the job of a president to appeal for peace in the streets, respect for the rule of law and to support police officers in their duty to clear the streets so that peace loving people can go about their daily lives without disturbance, vandalism and molestation.

Obama has been an abject failure in this respect. The moment any civil distress was being reported, he should have gone immediately in front of the camera and made a stern appeal to respect the democratic process and the rule of law. Instead; silence. His only statement was a day-time speech in which he said that his administration would make the logistical transition to Trump easy, rather than sabotage it. Oh thank you Barack Obama for assuring us that the Constitution of the United States won’t be violated by the president’s men!

The civil disturbances which have been a constant feature of Obama’s second term bring shame to America and shame to Obama. His silence is deafening. It is one of the reasons that Trump won. People are sick and tired of a president who is something of a George Bush style cowboy when it comes to bombing foreign lands and destroying their peace, whilst he buries his head in the sand when the peace is disturbed domestically. He’s got the balance totally wrong. He has neglected his duties as a leader.

I cannot begin to speculate in respect of his motives for doing nothing to quell unrest. Does he possess a sick desire to see the country burn? Is he sympathetic to the circus like coalition of professional thugs, drug addicts and spoiled brats who have united in order to undermine a vote?

Does he have contempt for the democratic process? Perhaps he does as his government has illegally ousted the democratically elected leaders of other countries. Perhaps Viktor Yanukovych can explain to Obama the dangers of remaining placid during times of insurrection, although Obama already knows, because his government organised the coup in Kiev.

The protests are a sad reflection of the divided America that has become ever more divided under Obama. With his message of unity and support for law and order, Donald Trump cannot move into the White House fast enough. The next two months of a lame duck Obama may yet see more insurrection. In a country where the democratic process is trusted, this is a sign not of strength but of weakness. When people choose the bullet over the ballot, something is dysfunctional. In this case the thing that is dysfunctional is the president himself.

Obama’s careless and lackluster attitude has damaged America and the world. Perhaps this is why he hadn’t the guts to stand up to Hillary Clinton when she agitated for war in Libya like a militant hooligan. Obama’s weakness and lack of respect of law enforcement has made America a far less safe place than it was prior to his presidency.

Bring on Trump, enough is enough.

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