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Obama style liberal propaganda channel will fall flat in Eastern Europe

RT reports that US state funded Radio Free Europe is set to launch a Russian language channel in Czech Republic called ‘Current Time’. The stated agenda is to offer ‘an alternative to disinformation’ in countries with Russian speaking populations.

This seems like a clear outgrowth of Barack Obama’s 11th hour singing of the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act”. The act, often falsely reported as a censorship drive, was actually a law passed with the intention of spending/wasting US tax payer money to create various propaganda bullhorns throughout the world that would promote Obama’s neo-liberal agenda, one that Trump seems to be gradually abandoning, though one which still has bought and sold acolytes in the US Deep State.

Current Time will almost certainly have no viewers in Russia, instead the US authorities seem to be banking on the Russian speaking populations of the Baltic States, western Ukraine and Moldova to tune in.

The US however will be in for a big surprise. The Russian speaking populations of the Baltic states, many of whom were cautiously optimistic about a post-Soviet existence in the early 1990s, have greatly resigned themselves to the fact that such states operate on an heterogeneous ethnic and linguistic basis whereby a pathological hatred of Russia has resulted in the manifest discrimination of historic ethnic Russian populations in their respective borders.

Likewise, many ethnic Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians who speak both English and Russian are increasingly not turning into CNN and the BBC but are logging onto RT’s website and US based alternative media like InfoWars. They also are fans of Wikileaks.

People in the US establishment will be very surprised to learn that many Baltic individuals of non-Russian backgrounds have become so Americanised that like most Americans, they are increasingly sceptical of US backed fake stream media and are tuning into English language alternative/new media.

This phenomenon will be lost on many Obama worshippers who still think it’s 1993 and that all it takes is a Big Mac and burning a Soviet flag to win the hearts and minds of citizens of Baltic states. Times have changed in America and so too has this changed in countries that have become more American than America. Many in countries like Estonia and Latvia speak English so fluently that they know full well the difference between Ron Paul and Alex Jones via-a-vis CNN and the BBC.

Clear View may yet be the next ‘Ukraine Today’,  an attempt to internationalise a so-called western message which is rejected not only in Russia but in countries that are neither loyal to Moscow nor the Washington establishment.

People reap what they sow. In the case of Eastern Europe, the old fashioned US deep state may be in for a big surprise when they speak to the young generation.

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