What now Barry? ISIS and Moderate Syrian Rebels agree to work together

Obama is making George W. Bush look like a foreign policy zen master. No more words can describe the latest ISIS/Iraq/Syria debacle.
The HuffPost reports:

As the United States begins to deepen ties with moderate Syrian rebels to combat the extremist group ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, a key component of its coalition appears to have struck a non-aggression pact with the group.
According to Agence France-Presse, ISIS and a number of moderate and hard-line rebel groups have agreed not to fight each other so that they can focus on taking down the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Other sources say the signatories include a major U.S. ally linked to the Free Syrian Army. Moreover, the leader of the Free Syrian Army said Saturday that the group would not take part in U.S. plans for destroying the Islamic State until it got assurances on toppling Assad.
The deal between ISIS and the moderate Syrian groups casts doubt over President Barack Obama’s freshly announced strategy to arm and train the groups against ISIS.

One thing seems certain…Obama is trying super hard to get that pesky Qatari gas pipeline to Europe, painfully hard! Syria’s Assad continues to stand in the way of this pipeline dream.
Now that ISIS and the “moderate” Syrian rebels (that Obama just last week said he would fund with $500 million USD) have decided to work together, Washington is in realty about to directly fund ISIS…again!
So to summarise the jig saw puzzle that is Iraq 3.0.

  • Washington is foaming at the mouth to remove Assad.
  • Qatar and Saudi Arabia are desperate to remove Assad, but they have to act via proxy…that proxy is ISIS.
  • Qatar and Saudi Arabia is now directing Obama to fund the “moderate” Syrian rebels so they can fight Assad.
  • ISIS and the “moderate” Syrian rebels are combining forces to go after Assad, together.

And so it all comes back to Assad, with the US unable to fund ISIS, opting to sponsor ISIS lite instead (in the form of  the “moderate” Syrian rebels). The KSA and Qatar is going all in, doubling down on funding both ISIS and the “moderate” Syrian rebels. Sucks being Assad.
Does it really matter? Not really, because the whole bombing campaign has absolutely nothing to do with ISIS or the war on terror, and everything to do with simply removing the one man that said no to the construction of an energy pipeline from Qatar and KSA direct to Europe.
The end game in Iraq and Syria however has nothing to do with the Middle East and everything to do with Russia and Putin. Cheap energy to Europe coupled with a US/EU backed destabilisation effort in Ukraine equals the possible destabilisation and eventual regime change in Russia, hence the current round of energy sanctions directed at weakening Putin and the RF.
All the pieces are in place for the final push to finally oust Putin and fulfil the wettest of Washington elitist dreams…the carving up of Russia.

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