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No Viable Criminal Case Against Trump for 6/1

No Viable Criminal Case Against Trump for 6/1

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Trump & Impeachment By the Numbers: Short Time Frame and How Many Senate Republican Would Vote to Convict | National Review

Impeachment, by the Numbers | National Review

Even if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi succeeded in bringing the House back for a whirlwind deliberation and vote on one or more articles of impeachment sometime next week, Chuck Schumer will not become the majority leader until at least January 20. That leaves matters up to the GOP leader, Senator Mitch McConnell.

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Julian Bones
Julian Bones
January 11, 2021
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Hi Alexander
just joined here and glad to see you casting..Big things are afoot..stay safe both of you

Nick Ball
Nick Ball
January 11, 2021

Many people assume he was guilty even though the last impeachment proceedings went nowhere. It’s a matter of looking busy, not what’s actually decided

January 11, 2021

…depends on who is in charge!…there may be no reason and yet…anything is possible!…

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