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New WikiLeaks Bombshell: 20 Inspectors Dissent From Syria Chemical Attack Narrative

WikiLeaks publishes more internal OPCW-UN ‘dissent memos’ casting doubt on Douma incident.

Late Saturday WikiLeaks released more documents which contradict the US narrative on Assad’s use of chemical weapons, specifically related to the April 7, 2018 Douma incident, which resulted in a major US and allied tomahawk missile and air strike campaign on dozens of targets in Damascus.

The leaked documents, including internal emails of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) — which investigated the Douma site — reveal mass dissent within the UN-authorized chemical weapons watchdog organization’s ranks over conclusions previously reached by the international body which pointed to Syrian government culpability. It’s part of a growing avalanche of dissent memos and documents casting the West’s push for war in Syria in doubt (which had resulted in two major US and allied attacks on Syria).

This newly released batch, WikiLeaks reports, includes a memo stating 20 inspectors feel that the officially released version of the OPCW’s report on Douma “did not reflect the views of the team members that deployed to [Syria]”. This comes amid widespread allegations US officials brought immense pressure to bear on the organization.

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Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson
December 15, 2019

This is stunning. A major international scandal is brewing. The Prime Minister will have to be told, and as it happens he was Foreign Secretary at the time. Here is the opportunity of a lifetime for Jeremy Corbyn.

Shame Shame Shame
Shame Shame Shame
December 15, 2019

OPCW, JIT, WADA, they’re all just puppets on strings. If I found myself in such company, I’d be compelled to commit hari kiri.

December 16, 2019

There should be a petition to the UN for the OPCW leaders to resign.

Dave Newman
Dave Newman
January 1, 2020

If this is indeed factual, why aren’t the 20 inspectors backing this up now? What’s going on?

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