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New protests In Kiev spell downfall for the fascist regime

The fascist regime in Kiev is under fire from many of its erstwhile supporters as well as ordinary people left out of the far-right dream of a ‘new’ Ukraine. Banks have been collapsing left and right, with ordinary account holders being left with nothing.

Utility bills have skyrocketed now that Kiev has made enemies of states like Russia, who once gave them a free ride in terms of gas and other essentials. The free market is turning out to be rather expensive, indeed.

Pensions are wholly inadequate, social benefits which were never ideal are being cut, purchasing power has plummeted as have living standards.

Jumping into this fray are the gangs of neo-Nazis who are always hungry for an excuse to protest a government that isn’t quite far enough to the right for their liking.

Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov has said that, “…provocateurs and rioters should be detained and isolated. The details of their involvement, guilt and punishment will be determined in court”. The irony of this statement ought not to be lost on anyone.

When President Yanukovych attempted to maintain law and order during the western funded coup of 2014 he was criticised by the western mainstream media. Now, when a minister of the regime the coup brought to power wants to do the same, his words fall on deaf western ears.

As with most things, Kiev has blamed Russia for these problems. This is fanciful and an outright lie. What it does show, however, is that the 1997 Russia-Ukraine Friendship Treaty should have never been signed. It was through this treaty that for years, Kiev was able to freeload off of Russia whilst giving Russia nothing in return, not even political respect.

The fascist regime in Kiev was built upon years of misspent Russian generosity to a country which should have long ago been given an ultimatum to hold regional referenda in which the people would be asked which state they wanted to be a part of.

Many millions from Kharkov to Odessa and beyond would have voted to remain in a single nation with a fraternal Russian Federation. The western regions which as recently as the 1940s were part of Poland, would have likely gone their own way. Instead, Russia gave its resources to Kiev for years, falsely inflating the standards of living in a country that as contemporary events demonstrate, cannot survive independently in a global market place.

Had Russia allowed Kiev to collapse years ago, it would have prevented the current crisis, especially the war in Donbass which continues to claim the lives of thousands of civilians.

With Donald Trump likely to pull the plug on American support for the fascist regime, things will go from bad to worse. The country will be fully isolated and ultimately destroyed.

It is a pity that ordinary people in Ukraine are suffering because of this. It is another legacy of the illegal break-up of the Soviet Union and the 1997 treaty that Boris Yeltsin signed with Leonid Kuchma.

Many fascist sympathisers in the west utter the cynical statement, ‘At least under Hitler the trains ran on time’. It seems the Hitler worshipers in Kiev cannot even accomplish that.

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