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5 things Donald Trump needs to do – and now!

They denied the democratic process when it does not suit their ideological and desperate pursuit of power. Democratically elected Trump needs to do the five following things to stand his ground and kick-start his agenda:

  1. Ignore the media. Corporate media has always been against him and always will be. Trust in the west’s media is at an all time low. Trump needs to leverage this. Negative coverage of him helped get him elected, continued negative media coverage will energize his vision.
  1. Corral the Republican Party. Tell the naysayers either get with the program or get lost and be marginalized. Trump had coattails in the election – no poll ever hinted at this. The GOP is Trump’s Party – so get used to it. He needs to use the majorities in both houses to break lose and drive forward a different vision for America.
  1. Demand Obama condemn the violent protests against the election outcome. For eight years Barry has been useless. Can he finally president-up and demand the electoral and constitutional process be respected? Or will this interrupt his golf game?
  1. Break with the foreign policy establishment and its mantras: Push forward with a policy that ends the war in Syria. Today the Obama Administration is on the side of terrorist groups and their backers (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others). Work with Russia to end this terrible conflict that Obama and company have needlessly stoked for years. The Europeans are committed lackeys of Washington when it comes to Ukraine – so tell them to force the Kiev regime to honor the Minsk agreements.
  1. Finally, don’t lose the connection you have with the American people. They voted for change. You, Trump ran on the platform of change. You were cursed, bloodied and so much more so by the lamestream media – you have nothing to lose. Go for it!

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer. 

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