Marine Le Pen stands with Donbass, so I stand with her

I concede that my initial hesitation in supporting Marine Le Pen was mainly due to the political reputation of her father. Her father seemed to glory in being on the wrong side of history in respect of the Second World War. His sympathies seemed to be not with the heroes of the 9th of May, but with the fascist regimes and their puppets in Europe who destroyed the lives of millions.

Jean-Marie Le Pen was and remains a nasty man whose nostalgia for the collaborationist Vichy French State remains unshaken. However, it is unfair and morally wrong to punish a child for the sins of the father. I admit that my hesitation with offering full support to Marine Le Pen was only because of this.

My mind was ultimately changed when I heard Miss. Le Pen offer her condolences for the victims of the war in Donbass.  Unlike her father, she has bravely stood against fascism and the neo-liberal fools in Europe who have allowed it to foment and take power in Kiev. Even Nigel Farage and Donald Trump have not gone so far as to put hand on heart and offer solidarity with Donbass, this in spite of the fact that both oppose the western establishment’s inane policies towards Russia.

Marine Le Pen has put her hand on her heart for the people of Donbass and I praise her for it.

If she becomes President of France, the people of Donbass will have a true friend in the form of a leader of a large European state. For me, this has made all the difference. The people of Donbass have been neglected by the wider world. Even sympathy has been exorcised from debates on the region due to the agenda driven mainstream media.

Yesterday, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Francois Hollande and Matteo Renzi met to affirm their support of the fascist regime in Kiev and to punish Russia with continued sanctions due to false allegations of meddling in the war.

If Donald Trump keeps true to his word of engaging in constructive relations with Russia, the EU sanctions against Russia will eventually fade away as Europe cannot survive in the modern world without the support of either Russia or the United States.

Marine Le Pen winning the French Presidency would kill the EU’s policy towards Russia once and for all. This is above all other reasons, why I endorse Marine Le Pen as the next President of the Fifth Republic.

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