New art piece in Stavropol honours the iconic Battle of Berlin

A very fitting tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Russian artists in the city of Stavropol have created a replica of the famous photo of the Soviet flag over the Reichstag during the Battle of Berlin. The photo has come to represent the penultimate moment of victory for the Soviet people over fascist aggression.

The replica of the photo is made up of small photos of individual Soviet soldiers and officers who participated in the Battle of Berlin, the final major Battle of the Great Patriotic War (Second World War)

Now watch this video detailing the artistry of the piece in Stavropol

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June 18, 2017

WOW…..What a touching way to remember those who played such a major role in ending the war.
Thank you Russia!!

Doug Brown
Doug Brown
June 18, 2017

It’s true, not knowing history makes people idiots. Look at America.

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