Neo-nazi group, Right Sector is about to become part of the Ukrainian army

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The freak show in Ukraine continues…as the US/EU drive to build Europe’s new nazi stronghold just got a big boost.

Wanted terrorist and Right Sector leader leader Dmitriy Yarosh has announced that a procedure for incorporating the Right Sector into Ukraine’s Armed Forces (as an subordinate organization) had been agreed upon.

None of this happens without the consent of US leaders.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

“It’s just a discussion so far, but we have an idea of forming a professional assault brigade which will complete various specific tasks,” Yarosh said.

The Right Sector contains enough volunteers to establish a unit which would comprise of four assault battalions and one reconnaissance and sabotage battalion, he added.

Yarosh underscored that command of the Ukrainian volunteer corps together with the General Staff decided to retain Right Sector forces in Donbass. The movement will hold positions near the Donetsk airport, the Artyomovsk direction, and positions near Volnovakha and Shirokino, according to him.

On March 31, Yarosh announced that the Right Sector and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry had agreed on the terms of cooperation. According to him, the movement will be part of the armed forces in a similar way to the Estonian Defense League and will comprise of combat as well as reserve units.

On March 26, Anton Geraschenko, advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, said President Petro Poroshenko offered Yarosh an office in the Defense Ministry.

“I would be pleased to establish together with Dmytro Yarosh the Ukrainian Defense League, by the example of Estonian, Finnish and Swiss systems,” Geraschenko said.

Earlier on that day Right Sector press secretary Artyom Skoropadsky clarified the terms on which Right Sector’s combat division – the Ukrainian volunteer corps – could join the armed forces. According to him, the Right Sector would become part of the Ukrainian army only as an autonomous unit, coming under command of Yarosh and corps commander Andrei Stempitsky, refusing to join the National Guard of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

The Fort Russ’ J.Hawk has this to say about the agreement to bring Right Sector into the UAF’s fold:

This is actually a sign of weakness on part of Poroshenko, not quite the “night of long knives”, but rather an “evening of short letter openers”. It’s one of several instances in recent days where Poroshenko, when trying to confront the right-wing nationalists, blinked first. One would think that he would follow up the success against Kolomoysky by mopping up the right-wing paramilitaries which represent the biggest threat to his own power at the moment. But instead he made them even more of a danger, both to himself and to the country as a whole.

Conversely, the granting of autonomous status to the Right Sector makes Yarosh more powerful, and it’s not even clear whether Poroshenko was able to peel Yarosh away from Kolomoysky, who may well continue to fund the Right Sector, now a perfectly legal organization and moreover one with specific security responsibilities, thanks to its autonomous status. So now the Ukrainian neo-Nazis have a perfectly legal cover for conducting paramilitary training, something they could not have dreamed of before the Maidan. Ukraine is still firmly on course for its Doomsday.

Not that Ukraine is alone in doing this. In addition to Estonia, Poland is establishing a similar relationship with that country’s virulently nationalistic Rifle Associations in order to re-create something resembling territorial defense which once used to exist in a very robust form–but that was under the Socialist government of the Cold War era, back when Poland had a military worthy of the name. All in all, it looks like all the countries of Central Europe are inching toward fascism, it’s only a question of which one will be the first get a full-blown, openly fascist government.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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