Ukraine’s neo-nazi Right Sector plans to gather in central Kiev to warn the Poroshenko government against a planned provocation

Washington’s orders to Poroshenko, ‘force the Right Sector to fold into the Ukraine military to disarm the group.’

All of this is the US’s way of trying to legitimise (and cleverly hide) the nazi elements that are so prominently on display in Ukraine, and that western main stream media has been hard pressed to avoid reporting on.

It seems that the Right Sector is none to happy with the Chocolate King’s directive..but as with all things in Ukraine, this is nothing a US kickback to the proper Right Sector leaders can’t solve.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

“Right Sector informs that according to reliable information, the authorities are preparing a large-scale provocation against volunteer units. So to prevent such operations, we are gathering near the building of the presidential administration at 12:00 local time,” according to a Right Sector message.

The protest comes shortly after paratroopers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to disarm volunteer units stationed in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Commenting on the incident, Right Sector leader and advisor to the Military Chief of Staff Dmytro Yarosh said that the country’s military and political leadership had decided to deliberately provoke a conflict between nationalists and the army in order to discredit the volunteer units.

“As a people’s deputy, I will demand a thorough investigation into the incident. Responsibility for this extremely cynical provocation and an attempt to pit the troops against Right Sector fighters lies on the political and military leadership,” Yarosh said.

The Ukrainian government insists that all volunteer units should officially become part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or the National Guard. Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said, for his part, that there are no volunteer units in the Donbass region.


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