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Neighbour of alleged Vegas gunman thinks he was not behind the deadly crime

Neighbour of alleged Vegas gunman thinks he was not behind the deadly crime

The world continues to express collective bewilderment as a seemingly ordinary American who was 64 years of age, is said to have committed the largest mass shooting in modern US history.

The Duran has already exclusively exposed how the atrocity in Las Vegas bears shockingly similar parallels to a killing spree in Manila which took place exactly 4 months prior to the Las Vegas attack.

Las Vegas shooting has eerie parallels to a recent attack that the media won’t tell you about

Now though, a man who claims to be a former neighbour of alleged killer Stephen Paddock, stated that the Paddock he knew was a friendly man with ordinary hobbies and that the two occasionally spoke at a local bar.

The man who introduced himself as Rick, phoned The Savage Nation radio show and told Michael Savage that the mainstream media narrative about Paddock does not add up. He further stated that the accused killer had no strong political views nor any noteworthy religious affiliation.

He reached the conclusion that Paddock may not have been the real killer but instead may have been murdered by the real shooter or shooters.

Now listen to Rick’s full story about his recent acquaintanceship with the man who stands accused of the mass shooting.


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