Child pornography discovered on Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s computer

FBI is now investigating a new “Mystery Man”

The latest and strangest turn in the Las Vegas massacre reveals that shooter Stephen Paddock had child pornography on his computer, according to sheriff Joe Lombardo

In a press conference on Friday, Lombardo revealed that Paddock’s computer had child pornography files saved onto it.

A Las Vegas law enforcement official also dropped another bomb last week, telling the press that the FBI is currently investigating a new person of interest.

Fox News reports:

Investigators scanning computers belonging to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock found “numerous” child pornography photos, the city’s sheriff revealed Friday, adding that the FBI is looking into a person of interest in the case.


Police also released a 81-page preliminary investigative report on the shooting Friday, containing new photographs of Paddock’s hotel suite and online searches he conducted before the attack, such as for SWAT tactics and other potential public venue targets.

Paddock’s brother, Bruce, was arrested last year by Los Angeles police for possession of child pornography as part of a separate investigation that began months before the Vegas attack.

Paddock gunned down 58 people in the Oct. 1, 2017 massacre, firing at a music festival crowd from the confines of his Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino suite.

The Drudge Report described the person of interest as a “mystery man,” who possibly helped Paddock plan the shooting.

According to The Gateway Pundit, local Las Vegas news outlet Metro 5 reported that key details surrounding the motive cannot be released because “additional suspects,” are still under investigation. Sheriff Lombardo previously claimed only one person is under investigation.

Metro lawyer Nick Crosby believes information about the additional suspects could be revealed in 60 days.

On Friday a federal judge made public hundreds of pages of court documents that had been filed by the FBI in the days and weeks after the Las Vegas concert shooting.

The judge did so in response to a lawsuit filed by CNN and several media organizations.

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January 20, 2018

I think the author should look at these before he gets too convinced that Paddock was even “the shooter”. Both make eminently more sense than the sudden crazed gunman story.

Here It Is Again – Paddock Was Arms Dealer And Deal Went BAD

Was Las Vegas a Saudi Crown Prince Salman Assassination Attempt?

January 20, 2018

Are we sure his bro didn’t get into his personal computer? Are we sure this wasn’t another set up by ??? Reading various newsletters, it seems after watching almost 22,000 hours of video footage and the result is: s paddock has not been seen on any camera. I also read that in a public place, there is a camera every 3 square foot.

January 21, 2018

So what? Not interested at all, even if he had animal sex on it. I want to know only if he was the shooter yes or not. If so why he did it. If not, who did it and why. The rest is bullshit with the intention to create a smoke screen.

Reply to  LD
January 22, 2018

Read the above link and also consider this one: – Paddock Was Arms Dealer And Deal Went BAD

January 21, 2018

The Duran censors are hitting my posts that give alternatives re Nevada…..Now Peter Lavell is starting to go back on his word of open discussion about anything…sad day for Duran readers.

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