Mysterious halo appears over Russian city following Vladimir Putin’s visit

The city of Tver witnessed an unusual event after Putin’s visit to a local car factory

(The Moscow Times) – Russian social media users were left stumped by picturesque cloud formations left in the sky over a Russian city after a visit by President Vladimir Putin earlier in the day.

Putin visited a rail car factory in the city of Tver on Wednesday as part of his first 2018 campaign stop. Speculation about the mysterious circles in the sky flooded local news reports and social media discussions.

Eyewitnesses described seeing planes circling the skies after the president’s visit, possibly leaving thick trails behind them, the local news site reported.

Users on the popular Russian Vkontakte social network theorized that the planes may have been left by Putin’s security detail aboard a special mission aircraft.

Others floated the idea that the head of state, who is all but guaranteed re-election on March 18, may have been aboard the aircraft himself.

Regardless of the origin of the circular halo, social media users were quick to share photographs of the unexplained phenomenon.

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