American Spy Plane Spotted During Drone Attack on Russian Airbase in Syria

The presence of an American recon craft near the Russian Air Base at Khmeimim, Syria is highly suspicious, and comes as Russia is actively questioning where the terrorists got the drones

Evidence has come to light from the Russian Defence Ministry, that an American recon craft was detected in the area of operation, during the recent drone attack on the Russian Air Base at Khmeimim, Syria.

Vesti news reports that an American Posoden aircraft was operating in the close vicinity of the Russian airbase at the time of the attempted terrorist attack which raises some serious red flags, not the least of which, if the Americans have such keen recon capabilities, and indeed aircraft in the area, why didn’t they have the decency to warn their Russian colleagues of the terrorist attack. Moreover, as one can guess, the Russian defence ministry considers this entire “coincidence” very suspect.

One can indeed draw their own conclusions as to the timing of this “coincidence”, but the Russian defence ministry is questioning where the terrorists acquired the technology and know-how to modify the drones for a strike role. The Americans claim the technology is simply “on the “free market”, but experts, as well as the Russian Defence Ministry contest this claim.

Among these experts is Viktor Murakhovsky, Editor of the Russian defence journal “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, who says that military grade GPS chips, along with the rest of the technology are possessed by only 15-20 countries in the world. He identifies America, Israel, and NATO allies as being among the countries with this level of drone technology.

While this is the first attack of its sort in Syria, it may not be the last. With the rise of Drones, Anti-Drone technology has naturally become a huge point of interest in the defence industry. As a matter of fact, an arms race of this sort has distinguished the annuals of human history  – one party develops a particular weapon, another creates a defence or countermeasure for it, and then the next develops a weapon to defeat the countermeasure.

Drones have the potential to become a major issue for both militaries and private people who wish to remain private. When they were first developed as a niche product, they were a toy for the rich, or only in the hands of governments. But as technology inevitably develops, they are becoming increasingly accessible to civilians. For the price of a laptop, the average joe can get his hands on a device that can easily spy on half his neighbourhood, even if he has no intention of doing so. If you have seen the capabilities of modern, affordable consumer drones, you would understand how serious the implications could be.

Perhaps this is why Kalashnikov concern is developing an advanced Anti-Drone weapon, as meanwhile, western countries are reverting to medieval technology to combat illegal use of drones.

In any event, this technology can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, as we have seen in Syria. We will leave you to draw your own conclusions as to which of the aforementioned state actors may also be the wrong hands.

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